New Lottery Software for 5-Digit Quinto Pick 5 Games

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Nov 30, 2018, 2:02:28 PM11/30/18

New software for 5-digit Quinto Pick-5 daily digit lottery games

Software title: SoftwareQuinto.EXE, version 1.0, September 2008.

A new lottery game was introduced by the Pennsylvania state lottery commission in August of 2008: Quinto (renamed Pick 5). Parlez-vous Latin?

Quinto draws five digits from 0 to 9 for a total of 100000 straight sets. The top prize is US $50,000. Therefore, the house edge is still a whopping 50%. Nevertheless, Quinto is one of the best lottery games around regarding the size of the first prize and the house edge.

A lotto 5/43 game in PA offers a jackpot of $125,000, but the odds are 962598. Thus, the house edge is around four times better playing the Quinto game! Granted, the lotto games have rollovers, with higher and higher jackpots. Larger jackpots, like in the Powerball-type of lotto games, diminish the house edge overall.

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Lottery Software for 5-Digit Quinto Pick 5 Lotteries.

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