Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy with Free Color-Coded Cards

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Ion Saliu

Dec 12, 2017, 1:19:59 PM12/12/17
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“Let no one enter casino who is ignorant of blackjack basic strategy BBS.”

That is, no gambler should sit at a blackjack table and cash in for chips. The basic strategy improves the chances to win by several percentage points. Ultimately, however, blackjack is still a losing gambling proposition by at least 7.5%. The basic strategy can turn into a winning proposition in conjunction with the

This blackjack strategy is the easiest to memorize and learn as it does not require letters. The color-coded cards here are based on one color: red for the main action: split pairs, double down, hit (draw).

The player gets his/her 
first two cards. 

1) Are the two cards forming a pair (e.g. 2+2, 7+7, J+J)?
•        A = Yes; if the color is red on the split coded card, then split the pairs
•        •        Blackjack ‘Pairs Splitting’ Basic Strategy Card 

•        B = No; move quickly to card #2 



2) Are the two cards a double down combination (e.g. sum up to 9, 10, 11)?
•        A = Yes; if the color is red on the double strategy card, then double down the hand
•        •        Blackjack ‘Double Down’ Basic Strategy Card 

•        B = No; move quickly to card #3 



3) If 1) or 2) above did not apply, the player must make a final decision
•        A = If the color is red on the hit//stand colored card, then hit the hand (i.e. draw another blackjack card)
•        •        Blackjack ‘Hit or Stand’ Basic Strategy Card 

•        B = If the color is grayed out, the player STANDS. 




You can always learn the best basic strategy globally by reinforcing the instructions on the main blackjack basic strategy page:


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