New Software for 3 4-Digit Pick Lottery Games

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Nov 30, 2018, 2:00:23 PM11/30/18

Great New Software for 3 4-Digit Pick Lottery Games

Friends & Foes of Glorious Endeavors in the Campaign of Prediction:

Seemingly, it is impossible to avoid the influence of political campaigning. Especially this one in the United States is so hyped, in
the context of this extraordinary financial crisis! I don’t want to do politics here. But grant me just a few words.

The world, and especially Western Europe, had the reasonable motive to punish America for electing Dubya to a second term. Many Americans, so-labeled liberals, participated secretly in that campaign. Briefly, they put a huge pressure on the U.S. dollar so that the oil price will skyrocket. Also, huge amounts of money entered the U.S. in an attempt to make lending extremely attractive even to the least qualified borrowers.

We experience the painful result of all those tactics. Yes, it DID hurt Dubya and his political party badly. I am NOT affiliated with
any political party, organization, or group. But I feel for the old man John McCain. He must be tormented by the idea of two evil results. He will lose, possibly badly, because he belongs to the same political party as Dubya. But if, by a miracle, he wins the presidency race, he knows that the world would keep hating America and keep sabotaging America. The world is, indeed, a global village — and no super power can control it. Matter of fact — what super power? There is no such thing anymore.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior hurts everybody. Those who bet cosmically huge monies against America — lost big time! Everybody lost. Everybody is hurting: Governments, banks, companies, oil producers, oil consumers... But, especially, human beings are hurting.

Kind of a long introduction to new software launch! I just released new software for pick-3 and pick4 lottery games. The software is in the same manner as SoftwareQuinto.

Software titles: SoftwarePick3.exe, SoftwarePick4.exe, version 14.0,
Rocktober 11, 2008.

Read all the details regarding this special lottery software:
Special Lottery Software for Pick 3 4 Digit Lotteries.

Best of luck!

Software Sapiens At-Large

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