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Miktrain _

Oct 18, 2022, 5:01:31 PM10/18/22

Have you set the site PHP to run mysqli as 3.1 uses that instead of MySQL that 2 uses?


I also had this problem when I setup with a new host that had a security certificate, sometime it would go to the HTTPS and work other times it would hit HTTP and fail. The workaround was to put a line in the site PHP to force HTTPS




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Matthew Smyth <>: Oct 17 05:21PM -0700

I've just set up a new install of 3.1.5 (downloaded yesterday) and went to
log in as admin, but got the Dang!
We tried really hard, but it's broken.
Talk to your Gallery administrator for help fixing this!
Unfortunately, I can't find any error messages with details in my apache
logs other than the 500: - - [17/Oct/2022:11:26:34 -0700] "POST /index.php/login/auth_ajax
HTTP/1.1" 500 1884 "http://gallery.<domain>.com:81/" "Mozilla/5.0
(Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:105.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/105.0"
It doesn't throw an error when I try the login ajax in
gallery3/var/logs/2022-10-17.log.php either.
I tried creating a local.php to expose more details, but it only gave
information before I submitted the form, and not afterward.
To be clear, I am running it behind a firewall and am forwarding from
remote port 81 on the outside NIC/IP to port 80 on the machine... it
doesn't appear the URL is specifying anything around that, but I'm not a
javascript expert so it's possible it is assuming the port is 80 or 443 and
it's just invisible to me.
Is there another php error log I could use, or some other way to see the
(and yes, I was able to get the gallery 2.3 version running, so I was soooo
hopeful that this would let me move onto G3)

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