simply forgot how to confi my callback uri

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Chris Murray

Aug 14, 2013, 5:02:15 AM8/14/13
I have a GAE python app that i am working with since christmas, i have simpleauth library
working for google login - works.
I recently wanted to modify the callback uri in the google console - but guess what i can no longer find the links that take me there.
Is this because i was using free google apps domain management which is expired?
looking at the google oauth docs it appears that one needs to create s project in the api console but i do not have one my app still allows me to login using google!
Has anyone else encountered this ? any feedback appreciated


Aug 18, 2013, 2:44:55 PM8/18/13
to Chris Murray,
Hey Chris,

it's unclear how auth works w/o creating a project in the API console,
but anyway, here's the link to the console:

You'll see a drop down menu in the top-left corner displaying your
existing projects. See if there's one in the list or create a new one.
After that, go to API Access of the project - you'll be able to modify
callback URIs from there.

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