Small problem with facebook login

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Gezim Haziri

Jun 19, 2013, 9:18:57 AM6/19/13
I was wondering if it was possible to improve facebook login so that when we click on 'facebook login' it always prompts the user to select which facebook login to use. 

As '' is now, if I am logged into facebook with my account X and go to click 'facebook login' it will sign in with the account X. If I would like to sign in with account Y I need first to go to facebook and log out of the account X to be able to log in with my other account. 


Jun 19, 2013, 11:56:19 AM6/19/13
to Gezim Haziri,
Reading Facebook docs it seems they support additional parameters:

specifically, "auth_type=reauthenticate"

I'm not sure if this would solve it. Also, there's a note on that
page: "apps should build their own mechanisms for allowing switching
between different Facebook user accounts using log out functions and
should not rely upon re-authentication for this."

Anyway, simpleauth doesn't support extra parameteres (like
auth_type=reauthenticate), but it looks like a nice addition. Could
you create a new issue at

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Gezim Haziri

Jun 21, 2013, 8:59:11 AM6/21/13
to, Gezim Haziri
Thanks for the answer. I will look into this more and if I find a solution I will post it here.
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