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Richard Hughes

Sep 13, 2019, 6:10:27 AM9/13/19
to fwupd
Hi all,

I've tagged a new release just now. We bumped the minor version as
there were a few large changes that I was not comfortable putting in
distros like Fedora 30. I'll do a tarball next week from the 1.2.x
branch which will contain just bugfixes for the stable distros. Thanks
to everyone for all the patches and plugins -- I did a presentation
last week at OSFC.io and quite a few people said how amazed they are
with the quality and capability of fwupd.


Version 1.3.1
Released: 2019-07-15

This release adds the following features:
* Add support for the Minnowboard Turbot
* Add support for the SoloKey Secure
* Add support for thunderbolt kernel safety checks
* Add support to integrate into the motd
* Allow filtering devices when using the command line tools
* Allow setting custom flags when using fwupdate
* Allow specifying a firmware GUID to check any version exists
* Include the kernel release as a runtime version
* Print devices, remotes, releases using a tree
* Publish docs to fwupd.github.io using CircleCI

This release fixes the following bugs:
* Add aliases for get-upgrades and upgrade
* Allow disabling SSL strict mode for broken corporate proxies
* Be more accepting when trying to recover a failed database migration
* Do not segfault when trying to quit the downgrade selection
* Fix a possible crash when stopping the fwupd service
* Fix incomplete hex file parsing in unifying plugin
* Fix thunderbolt logic to work properly with ICL thunderbolt controller
* Never show AppStream markup on the console
* Never use memcpy() in a possibly unsafe way
* Only write the new UEFI device path if different than before
* Partially rewrite the Synapticsmst plugin to support more hardware
* Reload metadata store when configuration changes
* Use environment variables for systemd managed directories
* Use tpm2-tss library to read PCR values
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