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Mike Henke

Oct 26, 2011, 10:16:18 AM10/26/11
to FusionReactor
I was doing to download the FusionReactor logs for FusionAnalytics but
on FusionReactor - Logging & Analytics | Connector Status page I see
delete and show icon but no download.

Would this be useful? The reason I was going to download was for the
trial, I setup the FA and the db inside our firewall and FR is on our
production server so there wasn't a feasible way to setup the
FusionAnalytics DataCollector Target for a 10 day trial.



David Stockton

Oct 26, 2011, 11:00:52 AM10/26/11
to FusionReactor
Hello Mike,

I noticed we also don't have a download link through the "Log Archive"
page. I've added this as a ticket (FR-2519) and we can hopefully
include the feature in a future version of FR. There are definitely
some issues to think about such as security, performance and thread
usage but it certainly is a great feature idea.

For those reading this thread, it's also possible to grab the archive
files from the server's disk and drop them into FusionAnalytics
(either by HTTP upload or dropping them into the special "import"
On the FusionReactor machine, the archives are stored in \FusionReactor
\instance\<instance name>\archive
On the FusionAnalytics machine, the HTTP upload is through the FADC

Best regards,
David Stockton
Fusion Support Team

Darren Pywell

Oct 26, 2011, 1:06:59 PM10/26/11
to FusionReactor

It is possible turn on links to download the archives on the Logging &
Analytics | Connector Status page of FR4.0 using a configuration

To do this you need to add the key to the reactor.conf file for the FR
instance you want to be able to download the logs from:

1. Stop your CF/J2EE server
2. Backup the reactor.conf file for the instance (e.g. C:\FusionReactor
\instance\<instancename>\conf\reactor.conf -> reactor.conf.bak
3. Edit the reactor.conf file and add a line:
4. Start the CF/J2EE server again

On the Logging->Log Archive and Analytics->Connector Status pages the
archive filenames should have become links. Clicking on the link
should download the archive.

If you have any problems, stop the server again, overwrite the
reactor.conf file with the backup and restart the server.

It also sounds as if a PULL mechanism is needed for FR/FA so that
FusionAnalytics can pull files from the FusionReactor server. This
would have to be protected with authentication though. I'll add that


charlie arehart

Oct 26, 2011, 5:28:48 PM10/26/11
to fusion...@googlegroups.com
While Darren and David have focused the main on part of your question
(enabling a download link in FR), I want to reiterate and expand upon a
point David hinted at.

In your case, Mike, of wanting to get FR logs from a server running FR to a
server running FA (whether on the same machine/network or another), Dave
indicated that you could do it "either by HTTP upload or dropping them into
the special "import" folder".

But while he gave the info on where to find the http upload ("On the
FusionAnalytics machine, the HTTP upload is through the FADC interface"), he
didn't indicate that the location where you would "drop them into the
special import folder" is on the FA machine, in

I suspect David meant to add that info on the import folder but simply
missed it. Happy to help.

Note that you can even just take the folders (in the FR archive folder David
referred to), which by default are one per day, containing zips for every
hour archived in FR, and drop any of the folders as is into the import
folder. No need to pull the zips out of the folders, let alone extract them.
The FA import process is smart!

Like you may, Mike, I rely on this approach for my own similar situation
where I cannot get FR to push to my FA instance (in another network) so am
using this approach: in fact, I use Dropbox to move the files between the
two (but of course many solutions exist).


David Stockton

Oct 27, 2011, 1:56:44 AM10/27/11
to fusion...@googlegroups.com
@Charlie - Thanks for clarifying! You're correct I had meant to include the folder path. So thanks for noticing!

David Stockton
Fusion Support Team

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