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Nov 8, 2011, 2:21:58 PM11/8/11
to FusionAnalytics
It looks like we had a few issues with FA over the weekend. When I got
in this morning I noticed the DB had chewed through almost 40GB’s and
the server was out of space. I grew the drive and restarted
everything. However it doesn’t seem as though the data collectors are
working properly. None of the FR instances can connect to FA, gives
the following error: "java.io.IOException: HTTP transfer failed: Error
code 400"

In FA, it's showing my 20 data collectors, the app starts and connects
to the DB just fine. I can also create new data collectors but still
have the issue of the FR instances not being able to connect. Any

Charlie Arehart

Nov 8, 2011, 2:54:51 PM11/8/11
to fusiona...@googlegroups.com
Hey John, while you await perhaps more from the FA folks, I'll share at
least on tip.

One can easily miss it but there is in fact control within each DC over how
large its associated database is allowed to get. Yes, FA will control that
for you. The defaults just must have been too large for the number of DCs
you have (or the free disk space on the DB server).

From the Application Summary page (in the FADC server app), choose to "stop"
your DC, then choose "configure". Then for more info on the options there,

Hope that helps.


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Darren Pywell

Nov 8, 2011, 2:58:23 PM11/8/11
to FusionAnalytics

Are you seeing the error status codes in FR or in FA. Can you look
into the FA logs to see if any error are being reported?

Is it possible that the port for FA (typically 8400) is somehow
blocked or another application has started up on that port.



Nov 9, 2011, 11:34:54 AM11/9/11
to FusionAnalytics

I'm seeing the error status code in FR. In FR under the Analytics drop
down, then FA Tagets...if I click the Test Target button I'll get the
404 error. In the FR log I'm seeing the following error:

2011-11-09 11:00:16.879 INFO FAC-Processor: EXCEPTION [Wed Nov 09
11:00:16 EST 2011], sending to target: http://wpkfl-fslmsanalytics:8400/fadc/import/LMS/longbow01,
java.io.IOException: HTTP transfer failed: Error code 400, log ID:

However I can hit the FA URL in the bowser on that box just fine and
can even telnet to that port. Everything was working fine up until
this weekend when the FA DB ran out of space.

In FA, under the Data Management Configuration page I can test the
connection to the DB and it comes back as a Success. If I try to
modify the DB Data Management or Log File Management, I'll get an
exception up top saying "Exception occurred when modifying DB Data
management". Also when trying to add a new DC I'll get "The current
'FA4FR' license does not allow more then 30 DataCollectors." when I'm
only using 21.

I thought those last couple errors had cleared up after I grew the
drive as it didn't seem to be happening yesterday, but they appear to
be back.

Thanks for the help!

Darren Pywell

Nov 9, 2011, 12:39:12 PM11/9/11
to FusionAnalytics
Hi Josh,

Could you look for and post any error messages in the logs (typically

The logs of most interest will be:

FusionAnalytics Server.log


Bernd Donath [FusionReactor Team]

Nov 10, 2011, 8:11:22 AM11/10/11
to FusionAnalytics
Hi Josh,

Could you please send us some more information directly to
sup...@fusion-reactor.com? This would be the logs found under C:/
FusionAnalytics/Server/logs as a ZIP file and the serial number of
your license as showed on the 'License Info' page.

Have you configured your DataCollectors to use a user and password in
FADC? Could you also let me know how much data there is currently in
your applications import directory C:/FusionAnalytics/Server/data/
fadc/Applications/$appName/import waiting to be imported?

If you restart the FA server does the 'License Info' page show the
correct values again?


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