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vinit furia

Jun 16, 2022, 6:32:28 AMJun 16
to Fusio
I have tried to search for documentation and went through link to stripe.
Can Some one help me with /Walkthrough Monitization part.

I cannot Implement Stripe as Payment gateway.
I have to use Paytm as Default Gateway For the said Purpose.

1. Create Invoice from an api end.
2. Where to set a) Callback url For Transaction
                             b. Webhook
3. If Not Possible Directly. Guide me to Databases and Logic for mysql manupulation for the same.
( fusio_user Table has Points Details
fusio_user_scope has scope details)
But this would be tedious task.
So if possible someone can walkthrough the new monitization system it would be great for me.

Christoph Kappestein

Jun 16, 2022, 10:49:53 AMJun 16
to Fusio

ok so in general it is possible to implement a different payment provider. You would need to create a new adapter similar to the stripe adapter s.

This adapter should then require the PHP SDK of your payment provider and then you need to create a class implementing the "Fusio\Engine\Payment\ProviderInterface" interface s.
The important parts are the checkout and webhook methods which should then contain the code of your specific payment provider. The webhook method is automatically invoked if you call the route "/system/payment/:provider/webhook" where "provider" would be then probably paytm. Iam not familiar with paytm but this is roughly the process which you should need to follow.

best regards
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