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Christoph Kappestein

Oct 6, 2022, 1:39:55 PM10/6/22
to John Lirac, Fusio
Hi John,

this sound that maybe the base tag at the index.html of the developer app s. "<base href="/apps/developer/">" is not correctly configured. So you could check whether
this is correctly configured.

best regards

Am Do., 6. Okt. 2022 um 07:46 Uhr schrieb John Lirac <>:
Hi, I had things running smoothly in my dev and finally decided to deploy to prod environment. One thing I noticed is that whenever I try to navigate using the menus at the sidebar, everything is fine. Say for example this mysite/apps/fusio/sdk 

it works fine. But then when i hit refresh page, it results to

{ "success": false, "title": "Internal Server Error", "message": "Unknown location" }

Likewise for the developer portal, upon successful login user will be redirected to mysite/apps/developer/account which displays  { "success": false, "title": "Internal Server Error", "message": "Unknown location" }

I had to go to  mysite/apps/developer/ page and click the account button in order to properly display the page.

What am I missing? Please advise

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John Lirac

Oct 12, 2022, 5:30:38 AM10/12/22
to Fusio
Hi Cristoph, thanks for the quick reply. I checked the base tag and I am pretty sure it is correct. Upon logging in to fusio, https://domain/apps/fusio/route can be accessible via the side menu. Copying the url and pasting it on a new tab shows:

{ "success": false, "title": "Internal Server Error", "message": "Unknown location" }


The correct behavior should be redirecting the page to the login page. 
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