What are the best Furry AI Art Generators in 2024? 5 Top AI furry Artwork Choices

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What is the best furry AI art generator? Comparing Top Choices for 2024

ai furry Art generator SFW NSFW PORN

(created with Anime Genius)

Furry AI art generators are something that would have been simply insane a year or two ago: I mean, who the f*** would have thought that Artificial Intelligence could be used for Furry Art?

In fact, there is lot of controversy around this topic for both Furry AI art and all other AI art altogether, but hey if you’re here I guess that you don’t actually want to hear ramblings against ai art.

So uh… Let’s start talking about the best Furry AI art makers!

TOP 5 FURRY AI ART Generators for Furry Art in 2024: Overview

The best Furry AI art generators for furry characters are:

  • AnimeGenius furry Mode (Free trial - 5 images per day - SFW and NSFW modes, pose builder and prompt builder)

  • Bing Image Creator (Free - SFW only with limitations - About 15 fast uses but then also unlimited slow generations);

  • NovelAI (NSFW - paid only)

  • This Fursona does Not Exist

  • Midjourney (SFW - Paid only)


Usually AI art generators doesn’t optimize image resolution, so you get stuck with low res or similar.

One way to fix this problem is to use upscalers on the generated images, the ones I use are:

  • ImgUpscaler (free tier is enough for me, and not because I don’t want to pay, trust me…)

  • Upscayl (Upscaler AI software to download on device, they’re working on a web cloud app but so far it’s still in beta and not public - main problem is that it’s dependant on the specs of your pc and might take quite some time, and sometimes the image file size are A LOT bigger, I’ve some images gone from 2 MB to 500 MB and beyond after upscaling them here… but hey IT’S FREE! :3)

  • Some people used Topaz AI but I’ve never used it: if you plan to get a more professional image upscaler you might want to check it out for this

BEST FURRY ART GENERATOR: ANIMEGENIUS (SFW and AI furry porn)What is AnimeGenius?

AnimeGenius is a web-based online platform that lets you harness the power of AI to create custom anime-style high-quality images, including furry-art styles, duh.

 It’s designed for both beginners and experienced artists, offering a user-friendly interface with an impressive range of tools.

AnimeGenius main features are:

  • A revolutionary AI-powered platform for creating high-quality anime art in many HQ artistic styles (including furry art styles artworks obviously).

  • User-friendly interface makes art creation accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level.

  • Prompt builder that let you “build” your prompts selecting from a list of listed options for clothes, appearance, background and basically almost anything important for images;

  • Offers multiple generation methods: text-to-image, image-to-image, and pose-to-image, faceswap, comic maker, Realtime AI painter

  • Wide range of anime styles, including NSFW content, with lot of modes and built-in Loras (that are variations that can make your AI anime artwork more similar to a specific style or sometimes better at portraying a specific anime character)

  • Features dynamic image generation to bring your anime creations to life.

  • Free AI anime generator tool with free daily credits available (and subscription plans are very cheap, starting from a pricing of 9$ monthly)



Key Features: What Sets AnimeGenius Apart
  • Text-to-Image Generation: Describe your vision and watch the AI transform it into a piece of anime art.

  • Image-to-Image Transformation: Upload a reference photo and turn it into an anime-inspired masterpiece.

  • Pose-to-Image: Manipulate 3D models and render them in a 2D anime style.

  • AI Dynamic Image Generation: Bring your creations to life with subtle animations.

  • Inclusive Art Styles: Explore a vast range of styles, including NSFW content options.

Why Choose AnimeGenius?
  • Easy to use, no complex technical knowledge required.

  • Generates professional-quality results.

  • Offers customizable features like image resolution for greater control.

  • Constantly updated with new capabilities.


Try it clicking here

Bing Image Creator is a free Image generator that can generate SFW images (a lot of the times it censors SFW images as well, good luck trying to get a bikini in Bing images…) so it is heavily restricted for SFW outputs.

Anyway, as you can see from the images below generated with the Bing Image Creator, you can get fairly good results, as it’s probably one of the most advanced AI image generators in general today.

At the moment of writing, it lets you generate 15 AI images with “boosts” (basically, you can get them generated in a few seconds), but you can generate without them too inside it (it’ll just take some time… or a lot of time, depending on how busy are their servers).

  • Adding “Masterpiece” in the prompt usually improves the quality of generated AI art (in other art generators too), also using “absurdres”, “4k”, “HQ” helps

  • This tool requires less input and you can usually get good results by typing the subject of the image without having to put 8238328238 modifiers for improving quality (Microsoft has a shitton of money so hey I guess that they have enough resources for that)

3. That Fursona does not exist (FREE - SFW)
  • What It Offers: With a click, discover an endless array of unique, AI-generated fursona designs. It showcases the power of AI in creating detailed, imaginative furry characters.

  • Usage: Visit the site, explore the art with your cursor, and download your chosen image for free.

Try it here for free


NovelAI is another good generator that has a specific Furry Mode for Furry and Anthro AI art Generation.

In fact, this is mainly a Writing tool for novel writing (who would’ve guessed that from the Novel AI Name?!) but in fact I’ve only seen it mentioned for AI image generation, especially for research purposes and… cultured material… uh.

ANYWAY, quality is great so if you want to spend for better quality, well check this out!


Together with Bing Creator this is another AI generator that does EVERYTHING to not have even the bare minimal amount of NSFW in generated images.

The quality is one of the best though, but really you can’t get something vaguely revealing with this, so if PURE 100% SFW it’s your piece of cake then well just spend some money and try it!

Midjourney features
  • 2 modes: normal and niji (Anime mode basically);

  • Built-in Upscaler

  • Big community and expert people in official discord channels (you can also find a lot of useful tutorials specific for it!)

  • One of the best qualities in AI arts for Safe for Work type images

  • Discord-based interface, easy to use overall for generating Ai artworks

Unleash Your Creative Potential: Exploring the Wonders of Furry AI Art Generators

In the captivating realm of digital art and storytelling, the emergence of furry AI art generators has opened up a world of boundless possibilities. These innovative tools have the power to transform the way we approach animation, character design, and creative expression.

Bringing Your Narratives to Life: The Power of Furry AI

Imagine the transformative impact a furry AI art generator can have on your creative endeavors. Whether you're a writer, illustrator, or aspiring animator, these advanced systems can breathe life into your furry arts and characters, infusing your narratives with a new layer of depth and visual authenticity.

A Creative Playground for Artists
For the artistic community, furry AI art generators serve as a treasure trove of inspiration and experimentation. These tools allow you to explore novel ideas, push the boundaries of character design, and uncover new avenues for artistic expression. Unleash your imagination and witness your fursona creations come to vibrant life.

Accessible Fun and Entertainment
The joy of furry AI art generation extends beyond the realm of professional creatives. Regardless of your artistic prowess, these tools offer a delightful playground where you can craft adorable furry scenes and characters, sharing them with like-minded enthusiasts and reveling in the sheer entertainment value.

Crafting Captivating Prompts: The Key to Unlock Furry Masterpieces
Mastering the art of prompt writing is crucial in harnessing the true potential of furry AI art generators. Avoid generic descriptions and instead, craft detailed, evocative prompts that challenge the system to bring your vision to life. Embrace the power of specific details, visual references, and a keen understanding of the furry art style.

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration in the Furry Arts Community
The integration of furry AI art generators has had a profound impact on the furry arts community. These tools have ignited a spark of creativity, empowering artists to explore new frontiers and collaborate in unprecedented ways. The diversity of perspectives and styles now flourishing in the furry art market is a testament to the transformative power of these innovative technologies.

The Evolving Future of Furry AI Art
As machine learning algorithms continue to advance, the future of furry AI art generators looks increasingly promising. From the possibility of revolutionizing the animation and game development industries to addressing concerns about the responsible use of these technologies, the path ahead is both exciting and thought-provoking.

Embracing the Furry AI Art Evolution
Embark on a journey of boundless creativity and self-expression by harnessing the power of furry AI art generators. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a budding writer, or simply someone who appreciates the joy of adorable, fluffy creations, these tools offer a gateway to a world of endless possibilities. Unleash your imagination, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and witness the furry arts evolve in captivating new directions.

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