Whats up with furl's new updates?

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Jul 24, 2008, 2:18:34 PM7/24/08
to furl-users
I'm having a great deal of problems with the latest furl updates. Now
I need to approve a popup for every site I want to furl from, instead
of simply approving the popup for furl, which worked before.

In addition, the drop-down menu no longer appears; I am only able to
get the simple furl button and I need to go through the website to
access my archive.

Today, July 24, Furl doesn't seem to be working at all--I can't
archive anything or access my personal account.

What's going on with Furl? Should I back up all my files and give up?



Aug 19, 2008, 6:31:02 PM8/19/08
to furl-users
Thanks for your note and my apologies for taking so long to reply.
(Returning from vacation.)

Couple of responses to your email:
1) Regarding the pop-up on Firefox, this is related to upgraded
security included in Firefox 3.0. To avoid seeing this pop up blocker
confirmation we recommend using either the Furl Button (Basic) or the
Furl Tools Firefox Add-on.

To download this Furl Basic Button please see: http://www.furl.net/tools/install_advanced
- it is the the last button offered on that page.
To leverage the Furl Tools FireFox add-on, which will never trigger
the pop-up blocker since it's part of FireFox please go to:

2) July 24th outage - not sure exactly what caused that hiccup, but
our team has been working on improving performance. If you continue
to see performance issues please let me know, with as many specifics
as possible, so we can get the team working on problematic areas of
Furl. Our goal is to have our users never think about performance
(meaning it's fast!)

3) Quick update with Furl in general, we're attempting on cleaning up
the site to make it fast and really easy to use. Most of changes will
rollout incrementally, so you'll notice changes here and there. These
changes are intended to improve your Furl experience. So no you
shouldn't pack up your bags with Furl - please continue to give
feedback like this posting so that our team can focus it's efforts on
what's important to our Furl users.

If you or anyone in the Furl Users group has (additional) feedback,
please post here and or email our customer service inbox ( furl at
furl dot net.) Our customer service agent will forward suggestions /
feedback to me.

Thanks again for your support of Furl.
-- The Furl PM
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