What are you using instead of Furl? How much do you hate Diigo?

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Jan 6, 2010, 5:41:44 AM1/6/10
to furl-users
First, I know it's very late to mention this but ... Isn't Diigo a
disaster? I'm afraid to investigate the damage, but as many of you
know, it didn't import much from Furl. In almost every case, I had
copied and pasted a version of an article into Furl because who knows
how long a link will last? It seemed that none of that work made the
transfer and of course, as I predicted, many links to newspapers are
dead or the copy is behind a wall. On top of that, I had many notes
about the articles I saved. Seems that all are gone. When I think
about the hundreds of hours of work involved ... I thought I had my
Furl export file, but a hard disk problem lost it somewhere along the

1) So, anyone tried to contact Diigo for the original Furl files? I
mean, they've got to exist somewhere. Since I originally heard of Furl
via a Columbia J School prof's newsletter, I'm actually thinking of
nagging him.

2)What are you using as a successor to Furl? For me the worst aspect
of Diigo is that you can't classify an article into several
categories, as you could with Furl. There is some value in having both
tags and categories. I know all my Furl categories but who can
remember all the tags?

So I've just started using Evernote. Don't like how it's organized:
you can't look at your categories in one sweep. No categories that I
can see: just all tags, all the time. But I guess I'll get used to it.
And I don't care about social blah networking (is that 2009 buzz term
dead yet?). Like most people that used Furl, I save this info for
myself and I don't care to see what anyone else is "sharing."


lorri 666

Jan 22, 2010, 8:02:31 PM1/22/10
to furl-...@googlegroups.com
Same here, Evernote. I have my archived stuff that I exported from
Furl before it went offline, slowly going through it and
organizing/discarding a lot of things. I pretty much abandoned Diigo
because everything came through without any organization and it's too
much bother to go through hundreds of tags all over again. Hopefully
Evernote will be around for a long time. I do like the fact that you
can save entire documents and not just links. And you can edit the
actual document/picture/whatever, and also mail notes and pictures to
the account either from online email or via phone. As for the
(social) share feature, I'm not using it yet, but it might come in
handy someday. You can share just certain folders and keep others

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