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Nov 22, 2007, 12:19:49 PM11/22/07
to furl-users
Well I uninstalled my Furl [Firefox] extension, installed the [new?]
one, got an error message in the process (but the .xpi installed OK
anyway), and when I finally got back to the web page I wanted to Furl
I went to save it and got the exact same message (about having
outdated Furl Tools)!

I went ahead and [successfully] saved the page, ignoring the message
from Furl. Now I'm wondering if I actually had to 'update' my Furl
Tools extension in the first place....
I also checked to see if the .zip archive (export function) option had
been fixed yet and I see that it hasn't.

I still get the same message:

"We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and will check it shortly."

I contacted them a while ago regarding this issue and haven't heard
anything back since...

Anyone else having the same issue?
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