interesting furl discussion going on at Simpy Chichimichi blog--3-26-08

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Mar 26, 2008, 10:43:23 AM3/26/08
to furl-users
check it out at

I've used furl for years (from Firefox) to save business and health
research articles, and have over 800 articles saved. They've never
supported it well. The search function rarely works. The filing and
indexing is extremely weak; why can't users create sub-files? I used
to be able to share my archive with a list of non-furlers, but that
feature was removed with the redesign. And the redesign, while pretty,
is a navigational nightmare. I only keep using it now because I can't
find anything better. Yahoo has some kind of bookmark feature but it's
even weaker than Furl.

Looksmart has never developed Furl for what it's ideally suited for
(from the providers' point of view anyway): targeted advertising. How
easy would it be to deliver content-related ads based on the type of
stories users save? Right now I don't see how, without ads, LookSmart
is making any money from Furl, so no wonder they want to dump it.

I am afraid looksmart will simply drop it and I'll lose all my
carefully accumulated research.


Mar 26, 2008, 10:54:41 AM3/26/08
the shared items and rss work for me.

And google have some similar features too...
"Sit tibi terra levis"
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