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[New entries welcome! Send descriptions to <>]

There are hundreds of MUCKs, MUDs, MUSHes, etc. (collectively known as
MU*s), but there are dozens featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent
animal/people/morphs/genetic creations/whatever. Listed by approximate
size/popularity/age, with an alphabetized table of all the addresses at
the end.

* Alfandria * IVZ Mush
* Altered Dimensions 3 MUX * Imbris MUSH (German language)
* Amuck * India MUCK
* Anthropomorphia * Infinite Journey
* Aranous MUCK * Jeshukobe: New Beginnings
* ArmageddonMUCK * K'raii
* Bajor3D * KashraMUCK
* Beast Wars Transformers * Katoptron MUCK
* Bleeding Earth MUCK * Latitude MUCK
* Camelot * Lion King II: Simba's Pride
* Cat's Haven * Lion King MUCK
* ChaosMUCK * Lost Dreams
* City of Unity * Meadows MUCK
* Clubfur * NIMHmuck: Rats of the Lost Valley
* Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising* NarniaMUCK
* DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff) * Neo Genesis
* Daemon MUCK * New Draconia Muck
* Dark Dreams MUCK * Nodeka
* DarkBlade MUCK/MUD * PuzzleboxMUCK
* DarkFurr * RealmsMUCK
* Dragon's Shadow MUCK * Redwall MUCK
* Dreamtime * Romance in the Savannah MUCK
* FDC MUCK * Ryksyll MOO
* Faibanx * Sci-Fi MUCK
* FeatherMUCK * Sherwood MUCK
* FlipSide MUCK * Sociopolitical Ramifications
* FluffMUCK * Sonic X
* Fool's Moon: Legacy * Southern Cross: Forbidden Lands
* FoxMUCK * SpinDizzy
* Frontier Galaxy MUCK * SporkMUCK
* FurFire MUCK * Sunrise MUCK
* FurToonia * SuperMegaTopia MUCK
* Furcadia * TaleSpin MUCK
* Furreality * Tapestries
* Furry University Muck * The Den
* FurryFaire * The Necropolis Project
* FurryMUCK * The Wild
* FurryMUSH * Timescape
* Furs in Space * Trimere MUCK
* Furscape MUCK * Twisted Kingdoms
* FuzzyLogic * Unbridled Desires
* Golden Realms MUCK * Ungabunga Island MUCK
* Gondwana * Vagrant
* Great Forest MUCK * Visions of Alius
* Heaven's Door * Xanadu Station
* Here Lie Monsters MUCK * Xpandoria
* Hunters of Chaos

FurryMUCK 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The biggest MUCK by far, and the best-known of the genre. Some folks
roleplay all the time, some part of the time, some just sit around and talk.
The advantage of FurryMUCK is its size: you can meet many
interesting characters at every time of the day, and soon you have lots of
friends. You can explore for weeks and you still haven't seen everything.
However, size is also FurryMUCK's problem, although the new site (see
below) may help matters. There is a building quota of 20 rooms, so if you
want to build much more, you will perhaps better do it elsewhere.
At the FurryMUCK greeting screen, type
connect guest guest
to get a guest character, and follow the instructions to read the help
files and begin getting familiar with how things work. You will need to
ask a wizard to let you out of the guest room into the MUCK. Type
to see what wizards are online, and use
page <name> = <text>
to talk to them. If there are no wizards online, you must try again later.
After that, if you want to get a permanent character, apply by email to
the address given on the opening screen.
Various information files can be read while connected, using the "info"
command, and the Official FurryMUCK Web Pages have extensive documentation,
at <URL:>. The "Getting Started" section
<URL:> is especially helpful.

Tapestries (From the Tapestries web page) 2069 2069 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Started in October of 1991, Tapestries is the second longest running Furry
based muck. It prides itself on the fact that it is an alternative lifestyle,
Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world system, offering a
variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build, and lag-free zone to
sit and chat with the natives.
Tapestries MUCK is a place for furries to go when they want a safe place
to play, to explore their desires, to not worry about the person they are
playing with possibly being underage at the other side of the screen, nor if
they will get flamed for making out in public, or having too explicit of a
100% Furry... Tapestries MUCK is for furries, and furries only, the
furred, the scaled, but definitely not the monkeys. We feel that there are
many hundreds of MU*s for humans, and thus we are trying to provide a place
where you don't have to worry about ever being asked why you chose to have
100% Adult... The Muck asks if you are over eighteen years of age at the
time of registation. It is not because we have a dislike for youngsters, but
it is to protect them, and the people of the muck. We feel that, at least for
here, people ought not have to worry about moral and legal concerns about who
might be on the other end of the line.
Playspace... Most of the world of Tapestries is considered a public
playspace, with safeword respected, with public scenes and play, with collars
worn with pride. A place you can take someone out on a leash, and not be
The place... The world itself is a mix of fantasy, and some high tech, but
for the most part, it appears as a laid back, small town. The roads being
walkways, lit by gas lamps at night, large forests covered in snow in the

FurToonia (From Tabyathe) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Since January 1994, FurToonia has been serving a community of furries and
toons, and it has grown to become a HUGE world and surrounding Universe (with
more worlds) with over 2500 characters of every type, over 68000 objects, and
themed areas for every taste.

Sociopolitical Ramifications 23 23 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A freestyle MUCK with no rigid theme or enforcement to play in theme.
Playing in character is encouraged but not required. You are welcome to
install themed areas in SPR. The general flavor is furry, with a touch of high
tech/science fiction and some more nature-based areas.
The layout is kept clear and topographically logical. From the central
city core, landscapes extend in four directions: Forests (north), mountains
(west), savannah (south), spaceport/plains (east). The rest is up to you --
build whatever you like, the building wizards are there to help you. Maps of
some areas are available at <URL:>.
You are encouraged to build public areas to extend SPR's landscape. There
is enough room in the city if you want to build there, lots of free space
further out on the continent, and even outer space if you want to have your
own planet. Although there are no rigid building guidelines, high quality
building is encouraged; SPR gives you a lot of tools for this.

Unbridled Desires (From the old Unbridled Desires web page) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
From the welcome screen: "This tinymuck is an adventure land for those
with brave hearts. It's not like your average muck in that your character by
their action may get changed in little or great ways."
The name may imply it's an equine-centric muck, but it's not. Anyone or
anything is welcome. although a lot of the players take equine based
characters (horses, 'taurs, unicorns, pegasii etc). Unbridled Desires prides
itself on being a very open, relaxed atmosphere where friends get together to
just to get together. There are no "In Character" rules, though you'll find
that most of the inhabitants are very real electronic extensions of their "RL"
creators. While online, the boundary between creator and created can become
quite vauge.

RealmsMUCK (From the Realms web page) 7765 7765 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK consisting of many different realms all connected to a central
point of space, linking through a series of portals to provide the access to
each area. Current realms that may be accessed from the central park of
wondrous realms are:
Pendor, a ringworld created from the "Journal Entries" stories by Elf
Sternberg. Recreated on this MUCK by many builders and designers, it has
numerous areas to explore and a full background and developed social and
technical structure to role play with. Various areas include the centaur town
of Rocchodain, Rhysh village and the nearby Rhysh castle, Parma station, and
so forth, all connected via stepdisks or on the Spinward March.
ToonTown - Yes, it's that world of toons and anvils and other crazy things
that you probably could never get away with without being in a cartoon. Enjoy
a stroll down Lunatic lane, or visit the sights sure to tickle your fancy.
Macrophile, the world where Giants are the norm, and normals are
Abyss - You know the place.. dark, mysterious, and always full of
surprises. Numerous areas to explore are here already, with many areas open
for expansion as well.
Dragon Realm - Sleek and powerful, the dragons rule this realm, and the
size and beauty of the lands reflect this.

Lion King MUCK (Report by Ketekh) 7675 7675 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[A MUCK with a theme based on Disney's "The Lion King."]
This professionally run online service allows you to 'Live the Lion
King' one step farther. Explore the Pride Lands and surrounding areas,
build new areas to add onto the Pride Lands, and most of all, talk to other
Lion King enthusiasts and ROLE PLAY a character right out of the African
TLKMuck has several dozen regular users. These people sign on at
varying times, but most activity occurs from 15:00 to 2:00 CDT [20:00 to
06:00 UTC] ... but most any time you sign on, you will find SOMEONE online
(except for some mornings).
TLKMuck is to provide a warm and friendly environment to all its
users. The only exception is In Character actions, as follows:
TLKMuck's users are encouraged to remain In Character (IC) while on
the MUCK. A user's objects and actions should remain consistent with their
defined behaviors if using a pre-exsistant character, or remain constant
and consistent with their background. This includes sex, species, and
other defining characteristics. There are OOC areas for players who wish to
chat or relax.
TLKMuck users are expected to contribute and participate in the
MUCK. This includes building and actively participating in live discussion.
Quantitative values will not be placed on this issue because personalities
differ. However, a minimal amount of both is expected. Use your better
judgement. And most of all, HAVE FUN!

FluffMUCK (Report by Zorin) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A semi-private MUCK of moderate size for role-players and socializers
alike. The overall theme is furry with tech and toon aspects. The existing
layout offers a wide variety of public and residence areas, including downtown
(dining, lodging, nightclubs), underground, oceanside, wilderness, and Outer
Space (there are no public "adult" areas). Amusement areas, TinyPlots and
specialty role-playing are also available, and there is an extensive program
New character requests must be endorsed by at least two current members to
be approved.

Imbris MUSH (German language) (Report by Unci) 6250 6250 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
This MUSH is all in German language. You belong to one of a couple of
pre-defined species (partly furry), but can design your own species too.
Experienced MUSH coders are welcome, but the emphasis is on role-playing.
Wednesdays are IC only; every Thursday a meeting on MUSH matters is held.

Redwall MUCK (From Mouse) 4203 4203 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, it is in part a role-playing
muck, and also a Redwall fan club. We spend some of our time role-playing
adventures in the manner and style of Mr. Jacques' wonderful books, and part
of our time chatting about our favorite characters and places from the books.
Furries of all species are allowed, but we try to keep things as IC to
Redwall as possible. (Animals not native to Great Britain are OOC to Redwall.)

Sherwood MUCK (Report by Avatar) 1996 1996 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK for people who like dramatic role playing in a medieval
environment, Sherwood MUCK strives to capture a whimsical but dark spirit by
casting anthropomorphic animals in the roles of 13th century peasants, nobles
and outlaws. Dispensing with magic and mythological creatures, this MUCK
concentrates on realistic role play with realistic consequences. Not a
medieval re-creation MUCK, looseness is allowed in areas that make the game
more fun, and the fun parts of medieval life are concentrated on instead of
the miseries.
Sherwood MUCK boasts a rather large (1700+ rooms) public area and high
standards on building, characters and plots. In addition, Sherwood MUCK is fun
for the whole family since there are strict standards of public conduct,
making sure players will not stumble across sexual situations during the
course of their play. No doubt, this is a MUCK for people who specifically
seek dramatic medieval role playing, not so much for those who wish to
Finally, in answer to one of the most commonly asked questions, Sherwood
MUCK is not based on any single movie or story of Robin Hood. Instead, it is
fairly original, being an amalgam of influences but tending most toward the
actual folklore and earliest writings concerning Robin Hood. That means we
welcome your original characters, and you should by no means feel limited to
fulfilling stereotypes or pre-defined roles.
So if you like dramatic role play, medieval times, the legends of Robin
Hood, or merely wish to try playing a character in a well-organized and high-
quality environment, come give Sherwood MUCK a try! Characters are created on
the spot by staffers and wizards and no applications are required for standard

Bajor3D (Report by Taura) 1701 1701 <URL:telnet://>
The very first FurrySpace MU*, based on the popular Star Trek TV series,
Deep Space Nine. The MUCK takes place in the current Trek timeline and makes
use of the new Spacewars 3D space system. Massive empires are forged and do
battle in a very Trek style. Role play is specific, using an exclusive
economy, empire, and 3D starship simulation server. 100% FurrySpace and Trek

The Den (Report by Squirrelly) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The Theme is a reasonably modern day era, with some technology, and a lot
of the olden days still in evidence. Magic abounds, and characters are
anthropomorphic. That means, don't be surprised if a six foot grizzly bear
stops by, smiles and says Hi.
The world has outdoor and indoor rooms, as well as underground caves and
tunnels. There are buildings, forests, streets, and places only for those who
are not faint of heart.
The Adult Area is defined as areas where most anything goes that is
consensual with any others involved. Access to this area is limited to those
who are over 18 years of age.

FurryFaire 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A 100% anthropomorphic Medieval/Fantasy roleplaying and social MUCK,
featuring some of the most intriguing and fun roleplaying and "in-character"
gaming around, with a large and scenic medieval/fantasy land to play in, with
several towns, and kingdoms to explore. The roleplaying staff has been
expanded to better organize TinyPlots and there is extensive online help for
newbies to roleplaying MUCKs. Characters can be requested online.

Heaven's Door (From Dove and "news theme") 2212 2212 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Other than a prevailing atmosphere of clouds, rainbows, green meadows and
the like in public areas, there is no overall theme for Heaven's Door,
although it is furry friendly. Individual freedom of expression is encouraged,
to a degree. This means that areas offensive to the general populace will not
be acceptable.

Timescape (From the Timescape web page) 6300 6300 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The TimeScape is a sort of meeting-point of the dimensions... a safety
valve where there is crossover between millions of worlds and times. Long ago,
a few adventurous souls discovered a 'rift' in the fabric of space-time and
entered it... and found a fair-sized meadow with more portals to the past,
present, and future. The fourth portal confused them for a time, until they
realized that it lead to all of the worlds dreamt-up by fiction-authors,
daydreams and the musings of poets. This they labelled the Realm of fantasy...
and built a hotel of sorts, for those who would surely follow.
And follow they did... for at any given time, there are a very few from
any given world who find the paths that lead between worlds. These are
sometimes called inventors, mystics and the like... time-travellers, witches,
goblins... all are folk whom have found the way to the Nexus, and from there
to the myriad worlds. Eventually, a small town sprang up, where folk from the
various dimensions and times meet, called NexTown, since it lies within the
Nexus. It is a strange conglomeration of the ancient, the ultra-modern, and
the bizarre, where one might easily find an ancient Greek hoplite bargaining
with a trooper from a far-future starship, or consult with a fortune-teller
who really can see one's future. It has often been said that "If it ain't sold
at NexTown, it don't exist!"
Folk of all natures can be found wandering the worlds... humans, elves,
centaurs, aliens, intelligent animals, ghostly things that want nothing more
than a quiet cup of tea and a good conversation, warlike entities looking for
new worlds to conquer, even the occasional dragon. It is not all that uncommon
to see an argument between a western-style gunslinger and a wizard settled in
the street, either with great noise and messiness, or with "custard pies at
ten paces!" Have fun, explore, and see what happens... chances are, it'll be
*different*, to say the least.

FoxMUCK (Report by Kitsune) 4242 4242 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Any adventerous vulpines want a new piece of turf to explore? Well stumble
right on into the FoxMUCK, a MUCK with a vulpine base, now running on a more
stable server! If you'd like a character, type 'request name
yo...@email.address Your RealName' where 'name' is the character name you would
like. You must include your e-mail address and real name for recordkeeping. A
character will be created, and the password will be e-mailed to you. You
should receive the e-mail within minutes. Check on your character's status at
the login screen or as a guest online anytime by typing 'note'. If the e-mail
sent to you bounces, you'll see a note about it there.

NIMHmuck: Rats of the Lost Valley (Report by Max the Rat) 4567 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Created so that fans of "The Secret of NIMH" and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats
of NIMH (and sequels) could meet and role-play in the world of NIMH, this
"unofficial" MUCK does have some changes in names and places. NIMHmuck is
rated G and is used by fans of all ages -- there are middle schoolers, college
students, and even some people in middle age logged on and chatting or role-
playing. Role-playing is the main purpose here, but out-of-character
discussions are welcomed, and a complex on the muck has even been provided for

Furcadia (From the Furcadia web page)
See web page for connection instructions
Web page:
Unlike the other entries on this list, Furcadia is a multiplayer online
game (still under development) with 3D rendered animated graphics, magnificent
music, whimsical games, a friendly atmosphere, and an exciting setting for
roleplay and adventure. To connect, you must download a special client program
(Windows only) from the web page.
On Furcadia, you can:
SOCIALIZE. Just be yourself! Real Life (RL) is also called "OOC" (Out Of
Character). You don't *have* to roleplay on the main Furcadia maps.
GAME PLAY. Games like checkers and go, puzzles of all sorts, are all part
of Furcadian fun too. Visit the Puzzle Palace and put together a jigsaw
PERSONA PLAY. Be someone else, make up a background history. Persona play
is relaxed make-believe, let's-pretend. You don't *have* to be in character
but others will appreciate it.
ROLEPLAY. Like Persona Play, but with Rules and Continuity (a coherent
world where what happens today shapes future events). Official roleplaying
action takes place in Goldwyn Village, where out-of-character chat and play
are not allowed. Roleplaying requires a lot more reading and thinking than
Persona Play.

Alfandria (Report by Aetobatus) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK system dedicated to the preservation of dragons everywhere.
While Alfandria is based on (and, in fact, derives its name from) the newsgroup and IRC channels, it is meant as a meeting place for
any sort of creature looking for somewhere to hang out a bit.
Alfandria is a social MUCK by design, and inherits quite a bit from its
larger predecessors, including the Fuzzball server code and most of the major
publicly available MUF code. Building, while not unlimited, is not highly
restricted, especially for areas of general use to everyone on the MUCK.
An online registration system is available on the web page. Users wishing
to register must have a valid E-mail address to complete the registration

Dark Dreams MUCK (Report by Otter) 1666 1666 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Look around: you see shadows, and dark corners, but you see nothing else.
And why is it that some are afraid to go out at night, or during a full moon?
It's because creatures of darkness are lurking in every alley, behind every
tree, just waiting in the shadows for someone to make a mistake and lose their
way. But even still, these creatures have to hide their identities, lurk in
the shadows, sleep by day, or act like normal humans to hide their moonlit
Well, not here! DarkDreams is based on creatures of the night: Werewolves,
Vampires, things that go bump in the night!!! It is here in this world of
darkness that they have come, come to RP and not have to HIDE. The time is set
in the Present, if not slightly in the future. The world seems to be healthy,
like pollution has not yet been a problem here. Nature is still untouched in
some areas, letting the ones who live there take who ever dares to enter. But
there is also the great underground, ghost trains running through dark tunnels
into the darkness below this earth like place. Growing quickly is space; soon
the darkness can expand perhaps to other regions in a quest to bring out the
hidden life of the darkness.
In short, the theme is DARKNESS, things found only in man's fears, in
horror films, books, and out there in the unknown darkness of city steets or
dense jungles. Creatures that look like man but have hidden secrets: perhaps
they howl at night, or prey on the blood of the living. It is here that they
gather and live, no longer having to hide. Here they live out man's deepest

Frontier Galaxy MUCK (From the Frontier Galaxy web page) 8000 8000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[Restarted under new management.]
A space MUCK with a moderate technology level: not extreme high tech like
Star Trek, closer to low-end Star Wars (not so many crazy robots, Death Stars
would be unlikely), Firefly/Serenity, or Starship Troopers. The overall theme
is that of a frontier world on the edge of a domineering civilization.
Characters here are trying to get away from the core civilization for whatever
their reasons, to live with more freedom than the core worlds permit or to
escape their problems.
Focused on a planet called Grenzen; go any further out, and you're heading
out into the true trail-blazing, untamed frontier. Further in, and you're back
in the core worlds. As such, the planet itself is a mix of civilization and
frontier; new arrivals arrive in the squeaky-clean town of Shoreview, with
it's Alliance-loyal population and a sense of being someplace "tamed".
However, just outside the walls is a place referred to by locals as Bumtown,
an almost wild-west sort of town where anything goes, so long as it doesn't
bother the Alliance... and until civilization can get a better foothold on
this new world.
Grenzen is also a player in a galactic war. The Alliance is at war with
the Confederation. Grenzen, once a Confederation world, was taken by the
Alliance which now holds it. Being on the fringe of the Alliance, it's a
potential battleground for future struggles. Most are loyal to the Alliance on
the Grenzen, though there is still a Confederate element at play. And of
course there's a few that would prefer to see neither in control of their
Other features:
* Ongoing storyline with a variety of conflicts, including a galactic-
scale war between two empires.
* Easy-to-use "freeform" skill system similar to Stellar Convergance
* Responsive wizards -- most character generation approvals have a
turnaround time of under an hour.
* LOTS of possible characters -- mainly furry, also featuring humans and
human-like aliens (approx. half the population).

DarkFurr (Report by Mystique) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Once, many ages ago, the world known as DarkFurr was a lush and green
forest world, barren of all sentient life. That changed when humans came,
arriving in large ships that could sail between the stars. They came to make
the world their own, they carved it into tiny kingdoms, each ruled by a tiny
Serving the humans were our ancestors, creatures arisen from normal
animals, given sentience through a strange magic called Genetic Manipulation.
Some of our ancestors they gave hands to grasp tools, feet to walk upright and
sometimes wings or strangely colored fur to suit the humans whims, others were
given nothing but sentience, forced to walk beside the human on all fours as a
a glorified pet. Our ancestors were the slaves of these humans, some treated
them with kindness, but to most our forefathers were nothing more than tools
or pets to live or die at the whimsey of their human masters.
While our ancestors labored to make the humans lives comfortable, the
humans themselves engaged in petty politics, squabbling and fighting over
small parcels of land or pointless ideology. One of the small squabbles
erupted into a full fledged war that raged across the planet, the humans
released horrible weapons, canisters filled with disease that killed millions.
Oddly enough, only the humans were affected, their slaves and our forebears
were unharmed by the diseases the humans released upon each other.
When it was over, nearly the entire population of humans, had wiped
themselves out, those that remained rapidly degraded into little more than
savage animals, raking and clawing at each other for food, shelter and other
basic necessaries.
Nobody knows why or how, but it was during this time of darkness that
magic came into the world, changing all in its wake and opening vast holes in
the very fabric of reality that allowed the elves, dragons, unicorns and
others of their ilk to come through to the newly cleaned world of DarkFurr.
The former slaves of the humans, though frightened were used to hard work and
adversity, and unlike their former masters, they did not hide or squabble with
each other, but worked together to form a brave new world. Slowly, the Furs as
they came to call themselves started to harness the power of magic and used it
to help guide their growth and learning.

DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff) (Report by Shawn Livingston) 7777 7777 <URL:telnet://>
A muck with several realms, allowing furs of all types to enjoy and find a
place for themselves there. There is RPing but this is a social muck as well.
The owner of the muck, Kaminto, is an intelligent, caring fur who really
wants to make furs happy, and does NOT allow his wizcore to make mortals on
the muck feel like they are somehow "privileged" to be on his muck...

Camelot (Report by Liz Kimber) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
You travel back in time to the land of King Arthur and the realms of
Camelot, but just like Disney's Robin Hood, it's from an animal's point of
view (although the RP side is not enforced). It's looking for new population:
free homes with every character.

ChaosMUCK (Report by Raven) 3333 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A themed roleplay MUCK based on the Saturday morning "Sonic the Hedgehog"
cartoon, StH comic by Archie, player fanfiction, and other works. Much work
has gone into making ChaosMUCK's roleplaying environment a great place for
player's artistic and creative expressions in a free and non-disruptive
environment. The individual tinyplots (plotlines created by the players) are
carefully regulated and are kept on theme to create as much continuity as
possible in line with the overall themes. There is, after much discussion,
more of room for original concepts including hints of anime and other themes;
HOWEVER, the basic premise is that all characters be 'Mobian' in origin. This
MUCK's theme is about MOBIUS and does not have to constantly revolve around
the canon characters. The staff works hard to keep the play balanced and the
twinkies out. The rules are simple, have fun but not at the expense of others.
Applying is as easy as coming up with a character, filling out the form found
on the homepage, and E-mailing it in!

Furreality (Report by Colol) 7011 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Tired of the lag or limitations on other mucks? Then make a run for
Furreality, one of the newest furry-themed MU*s. Furreality is a great place,
with friendly wizzes, low-lag, and no quotas or other building limitations.
The only limit is your imagination! Already established after months of pre-
public building, it's a great place for the user who just wants to explore or
hang out, as well as the avid builder or programmer looking for a place to go.
Playing a human is discouraged, but you can be any type of animal. Morphic
and non, imaginary or real, anything furry, scaled, or feathered is welcome!
When you visit as a guest, you aren't locked in a guest room, you're free to
explore. You may request a character online by the "@request" command -- if
there are wizzes on, you can get a character almost instantly! If there
aren't, your character application will be reviewed by the next wiz to log in.

Clubfur (Report by TigerTim) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Modelled on an Australian licenced club and has a similar membership
policy, invitation or recommendation only. New members are welcomed with open
arms but, as with any club, an existing member will need to vouch for them, or
TigerTim (the Head Furry) will examine their application personally. Furs on
other muds may also be invited to join. This is just a way to insure that
those that join are aware of the rules and have a genuine interest in the
Clubfur is running on a commercial server and is limited to 30
connections. The landscape is small and surrounds the club building itself,
the main nexus. Direct membership enquiries to TigerTim.

ArmageddonMUCK (Report by Sara Hammond) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[Anime-based, but furries are allowed, as long as they're anime-like.]
Before you, is the ruined remains of Tokyo's Central Park. There are
various particles of debris laying, strewn about the heavily charred grass.
The benches are painted over with graffiti, and various items of trash are
laying on the ground. Apparently, the catastrophe that struck left no area
You notice, to the west, is a large gate, which has a street sign just
beyond it. Also, to the east, you notice the destroyed area about the
lakeside. The sky above is heavily polluted, and you feel as if you shouldn't
stay about the overworld for too long, or you may die...

FuzzyLogic (From the connect screen) 9341 9341 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
FuzzyLogic is a place where you can be, create, and do whatever you want
to do, so long as your imagination can stand the abuse.

SpinDizzy (From the SpinDizzy web site) 7072 7072 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[The successor to Toons Furr and Fluff, which closed in 1998]
A place where you can do what you enjoy, and share what you enjoy with
others. The idea is to bring your imagination, sense of humor, and flights of
whimsy and to share them with friends. It's a place to experiment, to discuss
and explore new and differing ideas and ways of looking at things. To accept
perhaps contradictory points of view, and to be accepted for expressing them.
To enjoy a robust discussion, without the fear of an argument, or hurt
feelings. To build unimagined places, to explore where no one has dared set
foot, or paw, or hoof, or wing, or fin. To enjoy what 'you' want to enjoy, and
be supported and encouraged by others.
But just what is SpinDizzy? Is it a floating island? Is it in space? On
the water? In some strange void? Was it settled by strange visitors from other
worlds? Refugees from a place that had ceased to exist? Was it created by
magic? Built by technologically advanced creatures? Or did it just break off
some planet in a cataclysm of meteoric catastrophe? Or is it something
entirely different? Is it the folks who live here that make it what it is? Is
it the air, the trees, the landscape? The variety of folks and interests and
opinions there? Or all of these things? Or none of them? No one really knows
for sure. Perhaps you can be the one to find out.

Bleeding Earth MUCK (Report by Coyotepuck) 9500 9500 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
On an island called Orean, a place populated by furries and dragons, join
the story of the struggle of the common furs over their draconic overlords.
The struggle is also of the dragons themselves, as they realize that their
society of exploitation and slavery isn't right. BEM is a fantasy/sword and
sorcery setting, where magic flows freely. The admins are striving to keep the
setting consistent and to create a plot that will involve as much roleplay as
possible for many players.

The Wild (Report by Rigel) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Remember when muck rules were flexible? Ever feel that the management just
doesn't care? Have you wanted to be on a MUCK where imposing tolerance is
valued? Been told that, if you don't like it... LEAVE?
Escape to... THE WILD! A new muck which reimagines classic FurryMUCK
elements, integrated into an new world, using the same commands and programs
you know, with management drawn from the ranks of experienced players and
wizards. Want to have an opinion that's heard rather than oppressed?
Interested in building to your personal tastes? Have the urge to contribute
constructively? Venture into... THE WILD!

FeatherMUCK (From the FeatherMUCK web page) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A place for avians to play, to socialize, meet new friends, and enjoy all
things avian. You can build nests, send page #mail, describe your plumage,
meet new friends, and explore! Seems especially oriented to those new to

SuperMegaTopia MUCK (Report by Mayor Dave) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[Based on the comic at <URL:>]
Welcome to Supermegatopia (Kiwi Capital of the World), largest city on the
continent of Kwyjibo, and a haven for tourists and travelers the world over!
It was founded over 150 years ago, and like the rest of the world, it is
supposedly run by a mysterious shadowy figure that no one can prove exists. As
for a more photogenic government, look for the puppet ruler: Mayor Dave. He
presides over civil ceremonies such as the Kiwi Parades, Kiwi related sports
events, and the Miss Kiwi Pageant! Speaking of kiwi, did we mention
Supermegatopia's full of the fuzzy little fruit? Over eighty percent of
Supermegatopian industries as a whole involved kiwi in one shape or form. The
gross city wide product, per year, actually outweighs Supermegatopia's entire
population! Aside from the kiwi, Supermegatopia is well known for its large
superhero population, which is often refered to as 'Rats With Capes'. Home of
such Super-Teams as 'The Offenders', the 'Justice Legion of Supermegatopia',
'The Ex-Guys', and many more. Not to mention dynamic duos like 'Beowulf &
Grendal', and vigilantes such as Ferret Man or Captain Squid. Oh and they have
Super Villains too. We mustn't forget them now. After all, you can't have
gripping action stories with just one side of people in colorful tights.
Actually, you can, but that involves introspection, internal conflict, people
dealing with other people in realistic situations, and tons of drama, but you
won't find any of that intellectual crap in this city.
SuperMegaTopia MUCK has a structured roleplay environment, with a strict
PG-13 policy. The creators of the comic wished to express their desire to keep
their work, and all it's spinoffs and tributes thereof, as good natured
cheesecake, and not blatant yiff-fests.

IVZ Mush (Report by Jerome T. Nichols) 6250 6250 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An anthropomorphic, SF/fantasy multi-themed MUSH for game development and
role playing. Join in the evolution of a new multimedia MUSH! Features online
character request form. Currently in open building mode, looking for the most
creative people; all registered members can build & code, with minor

Furscape MUCK (From Hagalaz) 2001 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A science fiction themed MUCK, with the technology level reminiscent of
that in the movies "Aliens" or Arthur C. Clarke's "2001: A Space Odyssey".
Roleplaying is encouraged and TinyPlots are thought up constantly. You can go
from discovering a new planet one day, to battling it out with space pirates
the next. Please be aware that the muck's theme is that of hard science
fiction - no warp drives, magic, etc... see for
The Story So Far...
Furries originated on Earth, created from animals by human scientists
experimenting in genetic engineering. In time, animals were imbued with human-
level intelligence and consciousness. These successful products of science
were soon put to work as laborers and servants for humanity.
Furries became more and more common, and were soon doing all those jobs
that were either deemed too menial or too dangerous for a human to do. Being
their intellectual equivalents, resentment of their masters inevitably grew,
leading to a few notable uprisings and rebellions. These were put down,
however, and the lot of the furries only grew worse. When the Luna
colonization program began, furries were sent, as the risks posed to humans
was deemed to be too great. Many furries gave their lives to establish the
Luna colony, but many saw their future opening up before them. Volunteers for
duty on Luna were not uncommon.
When The War began on Earth, the trickle of furries emigrating to Luna
became a flood, most of them unauthorized. Too busy waging their war, the
human race ignored the exodus going on in the shadows around them. A few
humans saw Luna as their only chance of survival, but their protests of the
war were stamped down and labeled traitorous by their people and leaders.
Sadly, The War ended in the annihilation of the human race on Earth,
although it could have been worse. The world leaders balked at the very brink
of destruction -- too late -- but held back from unleashing weapons that would
have destroyed the Earth thousands of times over. Even so, the final battles
of The War rendered the Earth a vile and inhospitable planet for centuries to
Time passed, and the colonists of Luna turned their attention outward to
the Solar system, putting the past and its horror behind them. Luna colony was
expanded, domes being constructed to accommodate the original influx of
furries, as well as to provide grander and more comfortable facilities. Long-
term projects were put into action, and the long process of terraforming Luna
and Mars was begun. At the same time, a Mars colony was established, using the
skills and experience of those who had built the first colony. Soon, the
tunnel cities of Mars rivaled the domes of Luna.
Today, Luna and Mars are thriving sovereignties in their own right. Trade
between the colonies is brisk, and with the discovery of hyperspace, trade
with other star systems' inhabitants has been made possible. Peace reigns in
the known galaxy, and furries everywhere look forward and out, seeing their
future stretching out before them...
Other themes...
Meanwhile a multitude of new worlds have been installed, making Furscape a
true multi-planetary MUCK. All imaginable furry species can be found somewhere
in the universe. Some planets have become worlds of their own, where
communities of furries have started to form. Some areas have their own
policies, allowing you to live where you're most comfortable. As Furscape has
become the new home for refugees from other MUCKs, you can find new and
improved versions of areas known from elsewhere, so there should really be
something for everyone. Furscape is open for importation of new areas of all
sorts; please contact the staff to find the right planet for your building
In addition to recoms, we have a number of alien species looking for
players! Some of them are well- known, such as the Skiltaire; others are
unique creations of Furscape: Calatorian, Kirru, K'tauk'tau and Anisepteron.
The code side of things...
Furscape runs on ProtoMUCK, which differs from Fuzzball mostly by having a
number of wizard levels and more possibilities for MUF. Some areas use
Neikrad's weather system, some planets have been built using Triggur's
Terraform program. As an in-character way of travelling between planets, a
real-time spaceship system is being implemented.

Ungabunga Island MUCK (Report by Kat) 1808 1808 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Situated on an island, two tribes -- the Inarre and the Hau'ula -- are at
war with one another for reasons long forgotten. One lies beneath the mighty
volcano, the other deep within the jungle. Each have their heroes. Each have
their religions. Each have their own system of laws, ways of living. One is
manipulative; the perfect society on the outside. The other, dark,
shamanistic, and perhaps savage -- on the outside.

Neo Genesis (Report by Colt Centaur)
See web page for connection instructions
Web page:
A new MUCK that is geared to quality role-playing in a virtually endless
number of environments. Features three planets:
* Eartk, a small, technological-based planet recovering from an invasion
by interstellar pirates. Most of the human race was enslaved or terminated,
their cities were leveled, and man was forced to survive like animals in the
forests. 100 years later, the people have rebuilt their cities and homes, and
forged swords and daggers from the ruins. Some of these people have even
turned to magic, and by doing so have become part animal. These "Furries,"
populating the forest region, are outcasts because the humans falsely believe
they carry a disease that gives them both animal bodies and animal minds. The
three common species of Furries are fox, rabbit and deer, yet other species
such as owls have been sighted.
* Mythos... a planet in ruins... its population decimated by techno-
magical warfare. Seven mages stored their powers of the elements in seven
crystals, in the hope that some day those powers could be used to make the
planet great again. Centuries later, a damaged shuttle fleeing Eartk crash-
landed on the forgotten planet. Seven couples emerged from the shuttle and
found the crystals that transformed each couple into one of the seven races of
modern Mythos: Gryphon, Nymph/Satyr, Merfolk, Dragon, Sidhe, Unicorn, and
Centaur� Each species occupies their own area of the world, and can control
magic to some point. Though many years have passed, and much has been
discovered about this world and the magic of it, there is still much to be
learned, and many secrets yet to be unlocked.
* Unicornia, the sole planet in its own little solar system a fair
distance away from anyone else in space. By birth these people are commonly
called unicorn morphs, possessing the physical and mental traits of the
popular myth, however their human side grants them intelligence as well. The
unique history of this world has enabled both magic and technology to exist as
one. In time, the inhabitants branched out into space with massive ships
looking for new places to go and new species to meet.

Golden Realms MUCK (Report by Warheart) 4370 4370 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
On a distant world torn asunder ages before by a devastating conflict
between the forces of good and evil, civilization was re-establishing itself.
It is the Age of Exploration and Adventure, and a great explorer has
discovered a chain of islands which he dubbed the GOLDEN REALMS. The main
island in play is called Rufiennia, which has a distinctive terrain providing
many opportunities for adventure or simply social interaction. Direct all
questions to Warheart.
Offering medieval role-playing nightly between 6 PM and 1 AM US Central
Time, Golden Realms is geared toward serious drama-minded role-players, and
features a detailed history, geography and culture. A wide assortment of races
and classes are offered to make the experience as acceptable as possible. The
MUCK takes pride in being flexible for the players. If you don't see a rule or
want to ask about playing something not listed, just ask... chances are it
might be allowed. There is also a small super-hero role-playing area separate
from the medieval. Role-play times for this setting range between 6:30 PM to 1
AM US Central Time. Other settings under consideration.

Sci-Fi MUCK (Report by Lane) 3434 3434 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A science fiction MUCK, based several hundred years in the future (ahead
of EVERYTHING). There are areas devoted to X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.
as well as MANY unique planets and player areas made by players for players,
and building is open to all.

DarkBlade MUCK/MUD (Report by Jekteir) 7575 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
DarkBlade MUD/MUCK is a hybrid of two different types of game, split into
"sides" of DarkBlade. One is CHAOS, the MUD side, a gangland city filled with
corruptness and evil, killing and bribery. Rival gangs fight for the city,
whilst the helpless mayor Einstein stands in between, accepting bribes for his
trouble. The staff and players are very friendly and the game is in the stage
of being built to include level systems, skills etc. It is modern based and
includes special software for elevators, subways, mobile phones, and will have
personal appartments and a plane too.
The other side of the game is the MUCK side, which consists of a Portal
which links different Countries, each with a separate theme. These include
Reciprocity, a covert RP country with secrets to be revealed; Recreations, a
largely player-built country for re-enacting movies, TV and books; the Pueblo-
enhanced paradise, containing sounds and pictures (and will have restricted,
staff-checked HTML player building); and FreeForm, the new solely player-built
area which allows anyone to edit anything within it, no matter who owns what!
The MUCK side also contains new software for DarkBlade, including a new
Computer system for personal and public-access files and mail, some more
mobile phones, and the chance for any player to build game areas!

Ryksyll MOO (Report by Peter Wright) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A fantasy world based on the stories of Peter Wright on the land of Mycle.
It's a world of dragons, magic, and warriors. Furries play a big part in the
game but not the only part. Character races range from humans to elves, to
tigers, leopards, cheetahs, lions, and wolves.
Ryksyll is also the name of the main city of the game, providing ample
areas to roleplay around in a fantasy world. Guilds are offered as well as
other areas to join to have a basis for roleplay and to give your characters a
life of their own. The game is adult restricted, and we welcome adult
situations, so don't be surprised by the clothing styles or lack thereof. Open
to most kinds of fantasy play.

Fool's Moon: Legacy (Report by Christopher LaHaise) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Set in a darkly mythic version of modern Earth, the world as we know it
consists of another layer of civilization hidden in the nooks and crannies of
society. In Fool's Moon, players may be human, or any number of other races,
lycanthropes, faeries, dragons, vampires, or animals and people who have
escaped from the laboratories of governments and corporations.

FDC MUCK (Report by Cubbi) 3333 3333 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An online community of Disney fans (the Future Disney Cabinet) which
originated on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.disney, and migrated to this MUCK
in 1994. FDC MUCK is Disney only, as in, all characters must be from Disney
cartoons or movies (that doesn't mean just cute toons -- there are demons and
birds of fire). This place brought together a diverse group of players from
all over the world, some may be always in character, and some -- always out of
character. A good place to have fun, if you are a Disney fur.

FlipSide MUCK (From various area wizzes) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A Multiple-World Environment, bringing together diverse and interesting
cultures for a different role-play experience. While inter-world travel is
discouraged, central gathering points for all the characters to relax out-of-
character make for an interesting and colorful mix. The worlds include:
* Tir a' Turlach a Deigh - The Land of Fire and Ice! A fantasy world, Tir
is now ruled by its only remaining Queen, Sithean. Murder most mysterious has
removed the others and left the Village of Havenhold in confusion.
* Realms of Bastet - All the glory of ancient Egypt, but in this instance,
the population is all anthro. Lots of exciting RP with gods, goddesses and
mortals alike!
* Pridelands (The Lion King) - Set in the richly diverse world of the
African Savannah, this world seeks to extend and enhance the rich tapestry of
the popular Disney movie.
* Fur City - a relaxed, out-of-character locale for anyone interested in
anthropomorphic animals to enjoy themselves, without the pressure of
structured roleplay.
* El Dogrado - features a unique population comprising everything from
Conquistodogs to the natives of the city of El Dogrado. A very different world
melding the legend of El Dorado with the ever-popular legend of Don Quixote.

TaleSpin MUCK (Report by Jim) 1937 1937 <URL:telnet://>
Based on the hit Disney cartoon series "TaleSpin". Small but growing,
friendly and fun. Roleplay is encouraged although out-of-character areas are

Furs in Space (Report by WhiteShepherd)
See web page for connection instructions
Web page:
Based on a sci-fi version of the "cats vs dogs" scenario. Whose side will
you be on, the cats or dogs? Or will you start up your own race and claim a
section of the universe for your own fur clan? The game starts in the deep of
dark space. Cats traveling from their hidden war base travel the space lanes
searching for prey and targeting helpless ships in their conquest to make
felines the sole controling force in the universe. What shall your fur-race's
role be? As commander of your own elite furry forces you can take a military
role or a passive role. Will you ally with other races against the cats or
join the felines in their quest for domination? Trade throughout the universe
using intergalactic commerce. Buy new ships, colonize planets, organize your
technology, form alliances between other fur-races/players.
Players connect to the game from its web site, which uses a browser Java

Gondwana (Report by Panisiaks) 4000 4000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A multiple-environment, animal MUCK focused around an island, upon which
one can find examples of every major biome, and therefore homes for animal
life of all kinds. Fully equipped with a snowy, tundra region, all the way
down to a lush tropical jungle, and everything in between, Gondwana is
suitable for the role-play of animals of any sort imaginable. Every species of
animal alive today, and some of the more recently extinct species, such as
dodos and thylacines, are allowed. Read up on the creation history briefly in
the "History" news file, or the more full version of the story on the web
The island and its subsequent universe is ruled loosely by the Mythics,
who are each in charge of a group of species, and take control of certain
elements. The Mythics both interact directly with the citizens of Gondwana and
through their trusted messengers, the Avatars. However, this "spiritual"
aspect of the island need not deal with your role-play at all -- feel free to
run the lives of your characters in a completely "natural" way, if you so
wish. Gondwana doesn't run on the standard classification system that you
might be familiar with; details of what animal belongs where can be found in
the "Species" news file, as can be found details of what sort of names are
allowed under the heading "Names".

Cat's Haven (Report by Brightmane) 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based not only on cats as the name implies, but also on being a haven for
all to come in, relax, enjoy some role-playing, or just socialize with
someone. Though small for now, it has a close family atmosphere, and hopes to
one day be as big as some of the better known MUCKs.
Although set in the late middle ages where things like modern guns,
lasers, cars, and spaceships have never been heard of, there is nothing saying
that one could have been sucked into the world by some magical means. The Age
of Chivalry is at its peak, yet there is trouble on the horizon. Gods walk the
earth, though sometimes in disguise among the mortals and mages. There are
guilds you can create or join, and businesses to run despite the occasional
overthrow from whoever wants to control the city or even the known world.
What really sets this MUCK apart from the rest is that players are allowed
more freedom when it comes to building, role-playing, or whatever else may
happen. One major thing that is encouraged is getting to know the players as
their different characters. The Head wiz and resident god are among the most
friendly and approachable you can find anywhere in-character, out-of-
character, or on duty.

The Necropolis Project (Report by Kotau) 2001 2001 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An exploratory MU* using all original concepts with a Mekton Zeta Anime
RPS ruleset. The theme to The Necropolis project was a mystery to players and
characters alike from day 0. As roleplay progressed from opening day, more and
more details have come to light. However, at this stage, no player or
character as yet understands the true nature of their home, Pod 15.
What is known, and can be released to prospective players without
revealing too much, is that each character begins existence in the Necropolis
world as a freshly awakened individual with no physical injury, chemical
imbalance, or disease, in either the privacy of a bedroom or the center of a
large park. Characters may have a full and extensive background, though it is
highly recommended that the character's background is used to explain and
detail a starting character skillset, rather than espouse tales of heroism
and/or villainy. The last thing a character sees before arriving at Pod 15, is
a bright flash of white light and then unconsciousness. There is no
restriction or suggestion for the theme or origin of a character, except for a
request to keep characters close to "everyday hero" status, rather than
bringing in Lords, Ladies, Superbeings, etc. The character generation system,
and the points people are given, are intended to create young potential heroes
- not characters of pre-existing power.

Great Forest MUCK 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Great Forest MUCK is a world based on the Saturday morning "Sonic The
Hedgehog" show, where furs fight against evil tyrants to free their world and
bring peace to everyone.

Anthropomorphia (Report by Rei) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A place where furries can be, create, and play. There are no age
restrictions, and not many rules; freedom is one of the MUCK's main values.
There are many places to socialize and have fun, and the wizards are friendly.

Altered Dimensions 3 MUX 7000 7000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A world of change and contradictions... a place where technology and magic
hold great power... a land of opportunity for those with the vision, the
talent, and the determination to make their own future.
Altered is one of those rare worlds in which the fabric of space and time
is unusually thin. People from an untold number of universes have, either by
accident or design, moved to the planet and now call it home. New residents
are always welcome!
To request a character, simply send an e-mail to with your character's name and an ISP-based e-
mail address. Visit the web site for more information.

FurryMUSH 4040 <URL:telnet://>
Furry MUSH is not your typical Furry place, in that it is, first and
foremost, roleplay oriented. Furry MUSH's theme places you in another world on
an extremely large island the size of Australia which is surrounded by
virtually impassable mountains and a magic field which keeps all within, and
everything outside the island out. Characters take the role of villagers or
other people in a medieval society, with magic a very rare talent, especially
in any great strength. The island is separated into many small villages or
hamlets. Players are encouraged to interact with each other in a social
setting, bartering for good and services, taking up jobs as farmers or
tradespeople and even taking mates and raising families. Traveling shows go
from village to village, carrying news between and bringing a little levity
into peoples lives. Educationally, people are generally well informed, knowing
how to read and write and do basic math. There are a few more educated people
scattered about the island as well.
Due to a recent change in the MU*'s Leadership, FurryMUSH is going through
a small dry-period with the number of players and staff connected small but
steadily growing at an steadily increasing rate. Species allowed are virtually
unlimited, and normal cross-breeding boundaries being considerably stretched.
Staff and players are ultra-friendly, so connect as a Guest and come look

Vagrant (From the Vagrant web page) 6667 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An IRC-based free-form anthropomorph RPG. Wandering nomads, road warriors,
outcasts, and clans eke out a meager existence in a barren post-apocalyptic
wasteland, even as more powerful forces lurk out of sight. Out here, it's not
your past that matters -- it's your survival. Forget about the Then, and focus
on the Now. Don't look back. [N.B. You cannot connect if your system is
firewalled. --Rhal]

Dreamtime (Report by Kim) 8881 8881 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Set in Australia with Australian animals. Characters are anthropomorphic,
possessing human-like qualities such as hands, thumbs, feet, and so on, while
still retaining the animal qualities such as fur, feathers or scales, claws,
wings, tails, ears, and so forth. Dreamtime is 99% role play, and takes place
in a setting where characters struggle to survive. They depend on their
environment to meet their needs, and will frequently form tribes in order to
make life that much easier.

Here Lie Monsters MUCK (Report by Ink Fox) 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A predominantly anthropomorphic social MUCK, which hopes to provide a
welcome place for those who are new to the fandom, for those new to MUCKing,
and for those eager to meet a few new faces. Use port 7777 for an encrypted
SSL connection.

Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Report by Satine) 4545 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Following in the tradition of Disney's "The Lion King" comes a world based
upon the sequel, "Simba's Pride." But not as you may think. Join in the lives
of Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa as they continue the circle of life in this
role-playing game that takes Simba's pride into a different realm.
Experience what it's like to be one of the Outlanders and join in the
adventures with Zira as she raises Nuka to follow in Scar's pawprints and take
back the Pridelands. Live the struggle along with the prides as they each try
to make sense of why one lion's lie has torn them apart.
Live life in the Pridelands and be there to see what happens as the story

Amuck 8888 <URL:telnet://>
What is better than running amuck on a MUCK? Yeehaw. Amuck is owned and
built on only by furries (at this point). All but one NPC so far are furries.
The whole place is built around the idea that furries are in it. There may be
a few humans floating around in the future, but generally, it is furry
dominated, human tolerant MUCK.

SporkMUCK (Report by Kat) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
SporkMUCK is a constantly-evolving conglomerate of random insanity. It's
the kind of place that's actally quite difficult to describe. It's based in a
surreal dimension where very little is taken seriously and insanity is
abundant. If you don't like insanity, then you shouldn't go to Spork, for it
is a silly place.
It's quite a small MUCK, more of a close community than a sprawling mess
than some of the larger ones. Spork is constantly being upgraded, both in the
server code and in-MUCK programs. There is a generous building quota that will
be increased on request, a friendly team of staff, and a generally newbie-
friendly atmosphere.
People ask what the theme of Spork is, and that's hard to say. One of the
first places you may see in Spork is a rather gloomy, dilapidated,
industrialized city. But there are many other areas, ranging from forests to
deserts to frozen tundra, and a space system allowing travel to other planets
is currently under construction. Not to mention the underworld.
If you like random gimmicks, then Spork is the right place -- bits and
pieces are being added all the time. An arcade (complete with gambling) is on
the drawing board, along with races involving anime tigers. How many other
MUCKs out there can boast that?

Lost Dreams (Report by Garrett) 8881 8881 <URL:telnet://>
Lost Dreams is a 100% anthropomorphic medieval/fantasy and social MUCK,
just starting out and just opened up to those interested in role-playing in a
totally original world created by Foxtrot of FurryFaire. Several towns already
exist and players are welcome to flesh things out. Coders and Builders also
needed. Wiz positions available upon application.

India MUCK (From Kalika) 3737 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Set in the heart of India, you can take on the persona of any animal found
there -- a tiger, a lion, a bear, a wolf, a tortoise, a panther, a dhole, etc.
Explore the majestic lands of India, encountering both friend and foe along
the way. Claim your own territory and raise a family, or join up with another
group of animals. Take part in the main TinyPlot of the MUCK, or start your
own storyline to play out with friends.
Realistic role-play is encouraged, and the Administration's top priority
is to ensure that everyone has a fun stay. There are not too many character
limitations, and a fair set of rules makes sure everyone can have an enjoyable
time. Prospective and resident players are required to read, understand, and
abide by the rules of the MUCK. Also, harassment or twinking will not be

Nodeka (Report by Justin Gottschlich) 23 23 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Ever wondered what it would be like to exist as a troll barbarian,
wreaking havoc and leaving a wake of destruction in your path? Perhaps you
would prefer to live the life of an elven bishop, bringing peace and renewing
the soul of the world. No, you are a different breed. You wish to bring the
world to its knees, and drive it into eternal darkness with the hands of an
undead necromancer. Well then young traveler, the home you seek lies within
the boundless realms of Nodeka.
With over 50 races to be born into, and another 50 class guilds to choose
from, your choice of how to exist among the other mortals is near limitless.
Fear not, newcomer, for even though the realm is often terrorized by the likes
of brigands, witches, and chaos lords, there are always poliirs, striders, and
high paladins poised to drive them back into the shadows. The gods are
especially known to favor those new to the world, and assist them in the early
stages of learning.
[A fantasy world which at first glance resembles Tolkien's with the serial
numbers filed off -- races include humans, elves, hobbits, etc. but also some
furry ones like weretigers and drakes (dragons). --Rhal]

NarniaMUCK (Report by Dolphin) 2050 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia." While humans are
allowed, main characters consist of "talking beasts" (non-anthropomorphic
animals who can talk). Strong emphasis on roleplay.

Sunrise MUCK (Report by Shahila) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An African-based, non-human role-playing MUCK. All animals are welcome:
birds, mammals, reptiles, even bugs -- provided they're from Africa,
naturally. Play an arrogant raven, a picky vulture, an owl, or a loud-mouth
parrot. Or, on the mammal front, there's the ever-popular lion: the prides are
always welcoming new members, and Sunrise has all kinds: good, evil, and in-
between! Then there are the hyenas, wild dogs, and leopards. And that's not
even getting into the primates, the prosimians such as the galago, or the
herbivores like the dik-dik, sable antelope, and kudu. Certainly, there's a
plethora of species to choose from, and plenty of people who'll help you out
if you're having a hard time choosing, as well as requests for characters on
the message boards.
Built by the players (literally, as the lands are all those of the various
prides and clans and packs of the MUCK), Sunrise has no licensed characters
from "The Lion Ling." Instead, role-play centers on the lives of the
aforementioned prides and packs so that no one's left trying to figure out how
to fit into some formulated plan everyone's seen played out a billion times.
While the wizzes are always ready to take suggestions for a MUCK-wide
TinyPlot, such things are left, largely, to the players to cook up. The
wizards and staffers are friendly, helpful, and on often.

Twisted Kingdoms (Report by Nilesta) 8900 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The Twisted Kingdom is the hinterlands between reality and madness. A
place where gods and monsters stalk the mist, where dreams and nightmares
define reality. For most, it is the greyness of shock at tragic news. For
others, the thin line of lucidity as they plunge into the abyss. Some, though,
some lucky few manage to land there, balanced precariously on the razor edge
of sanity. The rest? Well, they're born there.

Dragon's Shadow MUCK (From "news theme") 3443 <URL:telnet://>
> Long ago, the world was different. Several species shared the lands; the
> only magic was that of manipulating Light and Fire. Each species
> benefited from the others, and the Dragons flew over all.
> But the Humans were afraid of the Dragons, whose magic was the
> greater. So, one by one, the great beasts were brought down and slain,
> until none were left that would challenge the Humans' power.
> With the Dragons went the magic of Light-Weaving. Mages found
> themselves bereft of power; they turned to new sources of energy -
> specifically, the elements, each possessing one power the mages could
> touch and develop. Five Orders of mages were founded - Earth, Water,
> Wind, Flame, and Ether.
> Humankind splintered into a number of separate Realms, each with
> their own sovereignty. The largest three, Nasyr, Shaethos, and Kariem,
> dance around each other, often approaching but rarely crossing the line
> between strained peace and all-out war.
> An age has passed. Unknown to the world at large, a precious few
> dragon's eggs have survived the ages, hale and whole. Without the Fire
> of their mothers, they have matured but slowly, sustained by the magic
> of an ancient being known only as Lore. The passing years have changed
> the dragonlings within: given them new skills, new powers, that their
> ancestors did not possess.
> The unborn dragons have yet to hatch, waiting only for the touch of
> a kindred spirit, bringing with them forgotten powers, into a world
> already brought to the brink of war by long-held feuds.

A new MUCK for serious roleplayers, featuring dragon, human, wolf and
cat species. There are three "realms" or nations, two purely human and a
third where humans and non-humans coexist and share power in the
council. Dragons are the most powerful of the four races.

Character applications must be approved by staff; dragon characters,
being the most powerful, have a more thorough application process than
the others.

Sonic X 20000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on the new cartoon series "Sonic X" -- what we're all used to in
day-to-day life except that Sonic and friends got to our planet somehow. The
games "Sonic Adventure" and "Sonic Adventure 2" apply since the cartoon is so
heavily based on the games.

New Draconia Muck (Report by Xylen) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Three Realms form the worlds of New Draconia MUCK where adults can find
just about any form of role-play they wish. If you just like to chat,
socialize, or role-play freely, the Social Realm is the place for you. If you
like structured role-play, then the Medieval Realm or the Space Realm offers
two different flavors.
New Draconia is a fully anthropomorphic universe which means only anthro
or "furry/scaly" characters are allowed there. It is also an ADULTS ONLY MUCK
meaning if you're not 18 or older, you won't be able to get a character.

FurFire MUCK (Report by Angela) 4567 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The world of Talla'doon has a variety of playable races including Furs,
Humans, Weres, Elves, Vamps, Demons, Dragons and unique races like the
Furmentials, Centizards, Fur-spirits and Gryphix. A small but friendly MUCK,
with a unique magic system (which is still in the works). Role playing is
encouraged, power role playing is not! There are several TinyPlots and a main
storyline as well, or you can make your own story, just keep in mind the
theme: it is medieval/fantasy based. There are restrictions on demon and
dragon characters -- you must ask permission first to make one of these types.
Ten years have passed since the sealing of the alternate world, which had
threatened to engulf the real world of Talla'doon. These days had been called
The Alternate Wars, the last major battle since the Demon Wars of so long ago.
Now people are starting to return to a normal existence as new places and
existing ones have settled down into a time of peace. But a darkness is
stirring: the Shadow Dark now once more walks in the world, plotting to take
control of the world in the past to gain a stronger hold in the future, to
make sure the great slaughter does take place! Also the Queen of the Tai'far,
Yuira, has grown in power: almost to goddess status, and also seeks to control
the world. Two Dangerous evils trying to seize control, the people of
Talla'doon answer the call, to protect their world -- and to protect their
peace and harmony.
Based on the online furry comic "FurFire," <URL:>.
A second port is now available, at

Trimere MUCK (Report by Amber) 3838 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A fantasy, furry, role-playing MUCK patterned after Medieval Britain,
small and active with a solid player base of around 30. There are MUCK-wide
storylines going most of the time as well as quite a few TinyPlots going
constantly. There are five Wizards who are around most of the time, including
the head wiz who is there every day.

Latitude MUCK (Report by Goldenhawk) 23 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Latitude MUCK is a purely social world geared toward total freedom of
speech and expression. There are no monsters to fight, but there are endless
outlets for your creativity and your thirst for socialization.
When you log on to Latitude MUCK you'll be presented with an open,
relaxing atmosphere of chat and light roleplay, but truly, the world is yours
to mold, the Latitude management's highest policy is to not interfere with
your creative efforts, or your expression.
Log on and create your own rooms, objects, areas, and even software to
help the MUCK function and give it additional features. The Latitude
management is very relaxed with areas it will link to, so you can freely
create buildings, shops, homes, forums, or anything your heart desires right
within the main areas of the MUCK.

K'raii (Report by Inhandra) 5555 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A planet far far away, inhabited by a race of animals who speak a common
language and walk upon two legs. The planet itself is a lush environ tainted
only by the endeavors of the Xenith for global domination; their opposition
the remenants of the Glendale Kingdom.
A story of a technological, yet magical furry society holding tight to the
old traditions of monarchy and knighthood, versus the sudden arrival of
spouses, children, and those thought missing turned into brainwashed cyborgs
alongside robotic brethren. It's a tale of blood versus metal, of magic versus
Where are their gods now?

Beast Wars Transformers (From Khelkhet) 8000 8000 <URL:telnet://>
From their homeworld of Cybertron to the worlds of Nebulos and Earth, they
fought a battle that was more than meets the eye. Now the Maximals and
Predacons renew their age-old conflict as a mix of organic and Cybertronian
technology in the savage Beast Wars! This MUSH is being designed to go right
back to Season 1 of the very popular Beast Wars setting. The story picks up
from episode 118, "Spider's Game," in which Inferno was introduced. From there
we'll see how the story goes by making our own adventures: this game will NOT
be a simple re-enactment of the cartoon episodes. (Please note that this is an
adult_ok MUSH.)

PuzzleboxMUCK (Report by function XOR) 8890 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Self-described "post-furry MUCK" set in a cryptic, dreamlike city
suspected of being on the verge of sentience. Most characters are furries with
futuristic trappings, but all sorts of strange cosmic beasties abound. Food,
shelter, and even healthcare are available there at the blink of an eye, so
there's nothing left to fight over except for ideas -- and no way to fight
over them except for art and seduction.
Theme areas include a 1970's modernist utopia, a tribalistic cyberpunk
ruin, an aristocratic kingdom, a never-ending street fair, a gorgeous piazza
corrupted by an amoral biotech infection, and a bouncy psychedelic faeryland
ruled by a wind-up mouse.
Membership is by application only -- intellectually curious, open-minded
people who play well with others. Daydreamers and romantics preferred. Read
the web page for details.

Hunters of Chaos 1234 1234 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on the theme of "Sonic the Hedgehog" (the early video games), with a
bit added. There is some influence from the video game MYST involved as well,
but minor by comparison. Meant to have a more light-hearted theme (well...
compared to the ominous world of the SatAM cartoons anyhow), this theme
assumes Robotnik to just be a powerful badguy while most of the world and its
cities are still run by mobian governments, etc.

Katoptron MUCK (Report by Deidre) 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Katoptron MUCK is set in Greece, approximately 2,000 years ago, when both
European and Asiatic lions lived in the region. The focus of the MUCK is on
four lion prides: Dunatos, primarily composed of European Lions; Ateires and
Sungenia, both with mainly Asian members; and Phaeskia, where race is less
important than the purpose of its Queen.
The MUCK's story begins after Nikias, King of Dunatos, assumed control of
Ateires and Sungenia through guile and treachery. He is now the High King,
mate to the Queen of Ateires; his brother rules Sungenia as Nikias directs. No
organized resistance yet exists in either of the Asian prides, as the
surviving royalty in each either cannot or will not stand against the lions of
Dunatos. Many of the younger lions have come to embrace Nikias's rule, and
support him just as fully as if they were members of his own birth pride.
Phaeskia is the exception. Newly founded by the rightful Heir of Ateires, it
exists only to break Nikias's hold over the lands. Rumor of her survival has
just begun to seep into the lower lands, and refugees have begun to seek her
out -- but Takira's chosen sanctuary is a mountainous area no lion was meant
to live in. Will her small pride survive long enough to fulfill the lioness's

Aranous MUCK (Report by Typhon) 2323 2323 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A trade center between dimensions, Aranous exists in a small pocket
dimension of its own. It is a place where just about anything can happen, be
bought, or even sold. There is a system of laws, enforced with sword, magic,
and the gun, that keeps the order. Obey the laws, and you can do just about
anything and get away with it.
It doesn't matter if you are a furry, human, digimon, elf, pokemon,
whatever. Role-playing is adult level, so that level of maturity is expected
from players.

Xpandoria 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An ADULTS ONLY MUCK meaning no one under the age of 18 is allowed. The
central theme is based around furs, scalies, and the various bodily expansion
arts of pregnancy, inflation, unbirthing, gainer-play, muscle growth, other
similar forms of play and more!

Xanadu Station 8888 <URL:telnet://>
In the 25th century, humanity has spread far beyond the confines of the
solar system. No alien life above the single-cell level has been encountered,
but with bioengineering and cybernetics humans have become plenty alien
already. Somewhere on the outskirts of settled space is Xanadu Station: a
trading post for prospectors, hangout for criminals and lowlifes, and haven
for all kinds of strangeness. (NOTE: While this is not a totally furry MUSH,
it welcomes furry/anthro/animal characters -- as well as many other varieties
-- that are the result of genetic engineering or body modification.)

Jeshukobe: New Beginnings (Report by Marupa) 6100 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An anthropomorphic sci-fi roleplaying MOO. It has a limited amount of
species, but unlimited amount of subspecies. Though in grave need of
characters, it already has an involved original storyline, and even a few main
characters. All content is original, and has no copyright.

KashraMUCK (Report by Kat the Leopardess) 8823 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on Paul Kidd's "A Whisper of Wings". Become a Kashran being and
enjoy the life after the book's end. Be a noble or a commoner. Become a
Zebedit tribesman or a Katakannii citizen. The choices are up to you.

Romance in the Savannah MUCK (Report by Savannah Cat) 8811 8811 <URL:telnet://>
Romance in the Savannah MUCK is an adults-only, talking animal role-
playing MUCK inspired by "The Lion King." Characters are non-morphic, of
species native to Africa.
Characters can be created at any age, and adulthood is reached in stages.
Within broadly realistic bounds, the kind of role-play and interaction is up
to the players.
The MUCK is set in the south-east of Africa, without human presence.
Romance in the Savannah MUCK's IC lands cover a range of terrain from
savannah, forest, rocky scrubland, to jungle, with various rivers, streams,
lakes, and waterholes.

Southern Cross: Forbidden Lands (Report by Bahumat) 1234 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Furry meets Final Fantasy theme.
Set about 1000 years after the events Final Fantasy 7, a great Empire has
arisen from the ashes of what was once, long ago, Shinra.
World powers struggle for control of the world, and caught within it all
are the everyday people and heroes that populate the world. Detailed roleplay
system and code, a dynamic, fully-fleshed economy, tinyplots with cause and
effect, and a vibrant, well-themed world.
Additionally, much of the Muck now uses its own Wiki site! Visit it at:
[From the folks who brought you Southern Cross MUCK, and Southern Cross:
Awakening, Southern Cross: Heart of the Empire, Southern Cross: Blood and

City of Unity (Report by Sulaco)
See web page for connection instructions
Web page:
A furry/anthro free-form RPG played on IRC. In a grim future where the Sun
has darkened, only one mighty city remains in the world: Einheit City.
Combining elements of nightmarish dystopia and operatic dark sci-fi, City Of
Unity tells the apocalyptic tale of the final days of a cold, dying world.
Which part in it will you play?
This game is played on IRC. connect to server (port
6667), and join channel #city-of-unity -- the web page has complete

Meadows MUCK (From the web site) 7000 7000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A North American wildlife roleplaying haven set in the United States and
territories west of the Mississippi River during the late 1800s-early 1900s.
The MUCK features wolves, cougars, rabbits, horses, cats, dogs, foxes, deer,
and various other non-anthropomorphic species that would inhabit the areas
designated here. While there is a small degree of human presence, the focus
will be on the interactions between the animals. Originality and creativity
are embraced.

Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising (From the web site) 7007 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An African-based wildlife MUCK with an original theme deeply steeped in
tribal-inspired mythology and folklore. Not to be confused with a Lion King
MUCK; because of the game's mature, true-to-life themes, it is not intended
for children despite the fact that it features "talking animals". It would be
more accurate to compare Red Sun Rising to "Watership Down" by Richard Adams
or "Hunter's Moon" by Garry Kilworth. On Red Sun Rising, the emphasis is on
character development and storytelling; at any given time, the game is
undergoing a tinyplot that involves as many players and characters as
possible. These plots are usually run by staff, but any player can volunteer
to organize and head one -- provided that they speak with the wizards first.
This small MUCK covers a contained (but diverse) geographical area that
includes craggy mountains, brushland and scrubland, acacia forests and what
most people traditionally think of as desert. Because of its size, players are
encouraged to interact freely and make use of the whole grid when roleplaying;
while one group may try to "claim" a certain area as its own, other groups are
free to move in and try, through in-character role-playing, to wrestle control
away from them.

Furry University Muck (Report by Warheart) 4370 4370 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK based on Warheart's "Furry University" story series, where role-
playing in a furry college setting is the main theme. There are also areas for
other various "Hollow Earth"-type furry settings.
Set in a furry "Hollow Earth" world, both medieval and modern furries
dwelt in a non-human harmony until the day that Lindsay Dunmore (a fictional
human male) was asked to join their experimental college as the first human to
be allowed on campus. Role-playing was based on the students who lived on the
campus and focused on their non-classroom adventures that they might have in
and around campus. Certain events that occurred on the MUCK since its creation
in June 2004 have been featured in the story series, for the record. Also,
other online furry college web strips were playable on this MUCK, although
interest was fleeting at the time of creation.

Infinite Journey 9578 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
An adult oriented MUCK dedicated to diversity, originality (as best as
anyone can manage in this day and age) and creativity in play. It boasts a
friendly atmosphere towards newcomers and old friends alike. There is a set
theme, but it is more than broad enough to allow players to create nearly
anything they desire and join the storytelling fun. Underaged players are not
allowed to participate for the legal protection of all involved in playing the

Daemon MUCK (Report by Chibiabos Wolf) 5000 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" universe (including "The
Golden Compass," recently made into a movie) in which everyone's soul is
represented by an animal with a real, physical presence linked to their human
self, always nearby. These animal souls -- or daemons (NOT demons) -- are the
soul, they speak and act essentially as the human would. The setting is in
London, about 50 years before the events of "The Golden Compass," so as not to
interfere with the characters in the movie (trying to take such characters is
not allowed on the MUCK).

Visions of Alius 4199 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
It has been one hundred years since the Tempest War ravaged Alius. Nations
collapsed, cities fell under storms of fire and ice, shadow and death. The
nations that survived struggled to rebuild, many of their patron gods and
goddesses killed in the war. It is a time of darkness and strife. The realm is
dangerous and unstable. Magestorms, a fallout from the death of gods, and
world changing magic scatter the lands -- places where reality was ripped
open, and the face of Darkness shrouds the land. Dark forces in the wastes
build power and armies prepare to sweep across the world.
The setting welcomes furry, half-breed and mythical characters along with
human, elven, orc and dwarf.

Faibanx (Report by Blue Raptor) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Small friendly furry adults-only MUCK with high abundance of scalies,
macros and pawlovers. All open minded and friendly furs welcome.

Rhal's Handy List of Furry MU*s (Version 185 / May 19, 2009)
Name port IP numeric port
---------------------------------- -------------- ----- --------------- -----
Alfandria 8888 8888
Altered Dimensions 3 MUX 7000 7000
Amuck 8888
Anthropomorphia 8888
Aranous MUCK 2323 2323
ArmageddonMUCK 9999 9999
Bajor3D 1701 1701
Beast Wars Transformers 8000 8000
Bleeding Earth MUCK 9500 9500
Camelot 4201 4201
Cat's Haven 4201
ChaosMUCK 3333
City of Unity
See <URL:> for connection information
Clubfur 8888 8888
Cry of the Kalahari: Red Sun Rising 7007
DSF (The Dark Side of the Fluff) 7777 7777
Daemon MUCK 5000
Dark Dreams MUCK 1666 1666
DarkBlade MUCK/MUD 7575
DarkFurr 4201 4201
Dragon's Shadow MUCK 3443
Dreamtime 8881 8881
FDC MUCK 3333 3333
Faibanx 8888 8888
FeatherMUCK 8888 8888
FlipSide MUCK 9999 9999
FluffMUCK 8888 8888
Fool's Moon: Legacy 9999 9999
FoxMUCK 4242 4242
Frontier Galaxy MUCK 8000 8000
FurFire MUCK 4567
FurToonia 9999 9999
Furcadia See <URL:> for connection information
Furreality 7011
Furry University Muck 4370 4370
FurryFaire 8888 8888
FurryMUCK 8888
FurryMUSH 4040
Furs in Space
See <URL:> for connection information
Furscape MUCK 2001
FuzzyLogic 9341 9341
Golden Realms MUCK 4370 4370
Gondwana 4000 4000
Great Forest MUCK 8888
Heaven's Door 2212 2212
Here Lie Monsters MUCK 9999
Hunters of Chaos 1234 1234
IVZ Mush 6250 6250
Imbris MUSH (German language) 6250 6250
India MUCK 3737
Infinite Journey 9578
Jeshukobe: New Beginnings 6100
K'raii 5555
KashraMUCK 8823
Katoptron MUCK 4201
Latitude MUCK 23
Lion King II: Simba's Pride 4545
Lion King MUCK 7675 7675
Lost Dreams 8881 8881
Meadows MUCK 7000 7000
NIMHmuck: Rats of the Lost Valley 4567
NarniaMUCK 2050
Neo Genesis See <URL:> for connection information
New Draconia Muck 8888
Nodeka 23 23
PuzzleboxMUCK 8890
RealmsMUCK 7765 7765
Redwall MUCK 4203 4203
Romance in the Savannah MUCK 8811 8811
Ryksyll MOO 8888 8888
Sci-Fi MUCK 3434 3434
Sherwood MUCK 1996 1996
Sociopolitical Ramifications 23 23
Sonic X 20000
Southern Cross: Forbidden Lands 1234
SpinDizzy 7072 7072
SporkMUCK 8888
Sunrise MUCK 9999 9999
SuperMegaTopia MUCK 8888
TaleSpin MUCK 1937 1937
Tapestries 2069 2069
The Den 8888 8888
The Necropolis Project 2001 2001
The Wild 4201 4201
Timescape 6300 6300
Trimere MUCK 3838
Twisted Kingdoms 8900
Unbridled Desires 8888 8888
Ungabunga Island MUCK 1808 1808
Vagrant 6667
Visions of Alius 4199
Xanadu Station 8888
Xpandoria 9999

If you know of any other MU*s with a furry theme or which allow furry
characters, please let me <> know! Write up a
description, of comparable length to the entries above (brief or long)
and send it to me. Or if you have more info on the ones listed skimpily,
please send it! [Note that sometimes a wizard will request that their
MU* not be listed here.]
Part 1 of this post provides basic introductory information about MU*s.
More details about some of the MU*s are available from Rhal's Furry MU*s
connector page, at <URL:>

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