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Jonathan Carling

May 29, 2013, 6:48:29 PM5/29/13
Hi there,

I have a general question about the whole FunnelWeb architecture - I'm pretty new to MVC, in fact I've started writing a MVC website last month from scratch because that's the best way I find I learn stuff. As part of the website I wanted to add a blog but obviously didn't want to write that from scratch and after a bit of Googling I decided I really like FunnelWeb. I've had a play about with FunnelWeb and I know you can add pages (by prefixing a new page name to the end of the URL), for example admin/wikiadmin/edit/mynewpagename but what I really want to do is incorporate my existing MVC site (models, views, controller, images, etc.) into a new independent area.

I'm guessing this isn't as simple as placing all the files inside FunnelWeb's Area directory and hoping for the best but looking at Areas/Admin I think I want to add a new Area for my MVC "micro-site". So when I enter "" it uses the same layout/styles as the main blog/admin (I'm guessing I need a "microsite.css" just like there's an "admin.css"). The only thing is I don't want it to actually be a microsite, I want it to all feel like it's the same website if you get what I mean - the blog is just the main part of it. So basically, imagine you have an completely plain, standard MVC 3 website and you want it to be like a page in a FunnelWeb setup.

I don't suppose you could tell me what to change/add? I don't want to go through a whole trial and error phase and changing anything I don't have to - I'd like to change the bare minimum so I can't understand it. If successful I'll probably write my first blog post about it as I think it's something others might want to do if they already have an existing MVC based website. :)

Thanks in advance,
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