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Jan 16, 2008, 12:05:42 AM1/16/08
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Can Daily Kos claim victory for Mitt Romney's success in Michigan's
primary? We'll have to wait and see for all of the analyses to be
completed, but Rasmussen reported that their last Wednesday's poll had
Romney beating John McCain by only 1% (26% to 25%) and at a little
after 9:00pm on the 15th, NRO had Romney at 35% and McCain at 29%. On
the 10th, Markos Moulitsas (Who runs Daily Kos) suggested: "Let's have
some fun in Michigan" by throwing votes to Romney (Who is predicted to
be a general election loser at 13% preference to McCain's 22% and Mike
Huckabee's 21%, so it's very much in the interest of Democrats to keep
Romney in the race) and well, Michigan liberals did! Markos suggested
that all loyal Kossacks cross party lines and vote in the Republican
primary for Romney. As John Bambenek, a Republican, thought that
sounded illegal and launched a lawsuit over it, Kagro X used the suit
as an excuse to explain in detail why, no it wasn't illegal. In short,
Michigan has no restrictions on voters in presidential primaries
crossing party lines. So "the Great Orange Satan" (DKos) triumphs
again!!! Woo-hoo!
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