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Ben Cook

Sep 1, 2012, 9:21:22 AM9/1/12
I've been teaching myself MySQL recently as well. But I've been using straight command line for all my work so far. Are you using php or peel for your web pages? Changing the order of drop boxes and whatnot sounds more like a web page function rather than a db one. Do you know what type of database it is? From what you described it sounds like InnoDB if you're locking records or validating user input. 

Not sure how much help I'll be, but I can definitely try to help out!


On Aug 31, 2012, at 20:52, wrote:


    Kevin Mulligan <> Aug 30 06:31PM -0700  

    Hello everyone,
    How is Fukuoka IT doing? I haven't been around recently but I need some IT
    help! Any database specialists around? Is this still the right spot to
    post? Or the website?
    I volunteered to help a friend at a non-profit in California fix their DB
    (I used to be the tech support there). Then I found out they use MySQL! I
    have only used Access and even with that my skills are RUSTY!
    I'm excited to give it a try, learn some new things, but I imagine some of
    it will be over my head. Is there anyone out there to bounce some questions
    In the meantime I'm going over every tutorial on the web. Good to get the
    brain working again!


    Eric Timmer <> Aug 31 11:20AM +0900  

    Post the questions and we will see if we can answer. :-)
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    Kevin Mulligan <> Aug 31 06:51PM -0700  

    I am a NEWBIE! I am trying to start with basic stuff. For example:
    The look of input fields, ie. moving the order of items on a dropdown list
    or moving labels off of text boxes.
    Correcting data reports or adding needed fields.
    Locking and unlocking past reports.
    I have a list of about 15 things to change. I downloaded MySQL Workbench
    but that seems to be more complicated then I need so i am working with
    If anyone can work with me on this this weekend I will pay you for your
    On Friday, August 31, 2012 11:20:18 AM UTC+9, ET wrote:


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Kevin Mulligan

Sep 1, 2012, 11:43:21 PM9/1/12
Thanks Ben.  I'll definatly contact you if i have more questions. I only get the digest of this group so i just saw your email, just changed it to "email updates to me". 

The website is in php. I think you are right about making the changes there. Unfortunately i am locked out of the webpages! I'm trying to contact the people in charge.

After i figure out what's been asked of me I'll start back at the beginning and try to learn it too!
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