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Praveen A

Nov 24, 2012, 6:08:08 PM11/24/12
Interesting idea, thought of sharing it.

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Subject: [Pirates Discuss] New hiring policy is being adopted by
StartUp Companies.
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I feel this may be of interest to the Education working group in particular.
In kerala recently a large number of startup companies have begun functioning,
"Kerala Startups is a FB group where new start up companies has been
getting together to plan and support working with each other.
In one of the meeting there was an extended discussion about how in
india the inflexible education system makes education more of a burden
a path of choice for students.

the companies together proposed to use some new hiring standards as to
encourage innovation and to change the educational and corporate
landscape from the root level. Here is the proposal that I drafted in
the group. We are now in the process of drafting the policy, would
like to hear all and any
inputs you guys have :)

DRAFT ==> https://pad.riseup.net/p/IIIP


One of the important things we had discussed in the last meeting was
about how the current hiring and educational system has been
destroying innovation and stopped students from doing advanced value
based studies.
The hiring system today is totally mark based forcing students to do
useless mugging up and have no time to do creative activities, create
innovations or even follow their subject of interest. Colleges do not
allow students to purseu projects and innovations outside the syllabus
as it will hinder their scoring and will affect the ranks and pass
percentage of the college. Further students are scared that they may
not get a job due to low marks forcing them into a stressful and
useless education cycle.

We should understand that India in the olden days used to follow a
path based education system, where students would choose a field of
study and research and move forward, later on British replaced this
with the current inflexible system that just produce workers and not
any innovation.

Eg: Harvard University allows any student to take unlimited amount of
leaves, it: to drop out for a semester and return back and continue in
the next semester. etc.. This provides huge flexibility for students
to experiment and create things and run startups. But in India
education is a burden for students. I myself have experienced colleges
who penalized students without even listening to reason when the
student had taken 3 days leave to create something new. This is what
is burning into indias ability to edge today.

I propose that we the new startups together draft and adopt a new
policy that do the following:
*Encourage school/college students to do projects, do research, and
even do internship work.
*Hire people based on skill, and ONLY SKILL.
*Never to hire based on or discriminate or deny job on the
prestigiousness of the institute.
*Not to accept CVs but replace it with a small form where they can
provide basic details.
*NEVER TO DENY JOBS on basis of qualification or marks if they have
skill to do it.
*Make self made projects mandatory and only use these to evaluate the
skill of students, In the interviews the questionings will be to see
if the student made the project or if it is copied.
*Have a network to help students to get their projects certified by
our ring FREE OF COST.

This hiring system will force students to be more attentive at
learning the subjects for the knowledge and not the marks, will force
them to learn the latest advancements, they will learn the application
level of any science, do not have to fear attendance, Internals or
marks as they only play second place. Will allow them to innovate.

This will also force universities/ schools / colleges to set syllabus
and teach students the latest and the well updated syllabus, teach
them application oriented things, encourage innovations and
entrepreneurship, create a more flexible educational environment.

Parents will stop forcing students into a field as to succeed in this
kind of an environment the students need aptitude (hence allowing them
to follow the path of what they love) and pushing them into a field
they dont like will not work any more.

I would like to know if we can go ahead and draft the pledge of policy
and we will sign it among our chapters by each start ups, as start ups
we have a duty to do something good for the society and lets do
something that will help hundreds of generations coming.
I hope we can crowd source on this and start working
What i suppose is only a general policy, it has no legal bonds for us
to follow it, but we will try our best as it can give our startups the
best people hence making our startups better.


Blaise M Crowly

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