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Praveen A

Mar 13, 2013, 2:27:59 PM3/13/13
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Some of might have started a bit and left in the middle. You have a
chance to rejoin as we have more people and more fun than ever!

We have a nice status tracking page created by Anish and Jishnu
http://vps.aneesh.nl/diaspora.html (we have 56% completion now)

It is easier to find gems without much dependencies
http://people.debian.org/~boutil/diaspora/ thanks to Cedric
Boutillier, a debian developer from France (though you might still
find a few more dependencies for running tests).

We have great documentation created by Nandaja Varma (3rd year
computer science student from NSS Palakkad) and Markus Nadir Tornow
(from Germany) http://wiki.debian.org/Diaspora/Packaging Many common
issues like test failures are documented now.

We have ruby gurus (Srihari, Vamsee, Hemanth) to help with ruby
specific issues. They are helping us make gem2deb even better.

We have regular irc meetings every saturday at 8pm IST, so join in
(most of the time someone will be hanging out there so hop on any time
you are free). #debian-diaspora on irc.oftc.net or via web

Its really great learning opportunity and you can see how her work
with debian diaspora team helped get an internship any time she
chooses! https://nandajavarma.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/minidebconf-at-nit-c/

All in all, its the right time to jump in and help us get to apt-get
install diaspora, have lots of fun doing it and learn with the best
people in technology.

Note: We can even have packaging session at a time convenient to you,
just talk to us on irc

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