Linux kernel developer H. Peter Anvin's advice to people who want to contribute and more

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Praveen A

Oct 23, 2012, 7:21:33 AM10/23/12
What's your advice for developers who want to get involved?

Start small. Do something that interests you. But if you have the
option, pick your first project as something that isn't all that
important to too many people; it makes the stakes too high, and there
is a risk that your first experience will be quite a trial by fire. It
is better to get used to the process first and then worry about the
bigger bits.

If you can, find a mentor.

Expect some curt replies, especially in Linux kernel circles. Don't
take them personally. I have personally had Linus Torvalds call
things I have written "stupid" and "idiotic" on a number of occasions
-- and most of the time he's quite correct -- but as far as I know he
hasn't ever called *me* stupid or an idiot. There is a huge
difference there: even very smart people will regularly do things that
probably seemed to make sense at the time but for whatever reason
didn't turn out too well.

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