FRUGOS meeting at GIS In The Rockies--11:15AM, Rm.423

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Aug 31, 2006, 3:22:01 PM8/31/06
to Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source

The organizers of the upcoming GIS In The Rockies conference have
graciously put us into the schedule so that we have a meeting time and

Thursday, September 14th
11:15AM, Room 423

Being that this is the first meeting, I think the best idea is to put
the emphasis on personal interaction: putting names to faces, learning
what each of us is up to, etc. At the same time, I expect a certain
percentage of curiosity seekers will be there who will want to know
what types of tasks people are accomplishing with Open Source, trying
to figure out how it may fit in with their proprietary platforms.

That said, if you plan on attending the meeting and already are a user
of Open Source software in your everyday work, I'd ask you to consider
getting up and talk about what you're doing for 2-3 minutes. In a
perfect world, we'd have 25-35 minutes of these brief intros, covering
both the major packages as well as some more niche stuff that would
seamlessly lead into a richer, broader discussion. Since we run up
against lunch, there will be plenty of opportunities to follow up with
detailed conversations.

So I encourage you to attend, bring the boss, etc. And please consider
volunteering a short spiel--replying to this thread will be the
handiest way to get a sense of numbers, and if you mention what
packages you'll talk about, that will help cover as many bases as

Looking forward to it,


Lisa DeFrancesco

Aug 31, 2006, 3:40:55 PM8/31/06

I'm not going to make the conference this time, so I thought I'd let you
know in case you want to track numbers.


Lisa DeFrancesco
Lextron Marketing

Scott Davis

Sep 1, 2006, 9:27:40 AM9/1/06
I'm going to be in Switzerland, presenting at FOSS4G.
("Rolling Your Own Google Maps" -- check out for slides and live demo)
So while I'm bummed that I'm not going to be at GIS In
The Rockies, Free and Open Source GIS in the Alps
isn't a bad consolation prize... (grin)

I've seen shout outs to folks going to ESRI Con, GIS
Rogues, and now GitR. Any chance of us meeting up on
our own? I'm in Broomfield, but I'd head up to Boulder
or down to LoDo depending on where the centroid of the
group is. Beer is a strong motivator...

Also -- someone bring a camera to GitR and post 'em to
Flickr. Tag 'em with frugos so that I can see what I

Have a great time,
Scott Davis

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Scott Davis

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Sep 13, 2006, 3:38:55 PM9/13/06
to Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source

Mike Greer, chair of GIS In The Rockies, has generously agreed to
allowing anyone who would like to come to Thursday's meeting (at
11:15AM, Rm. 423), to attend under the $25 Exhibits-only admission

So for $25 you get: the FRUGOS meeting, check out the vendor exhibits
and score some swag, and (you didn't hear it from me) a tasty box lunch
(unlimited cookies).

We've gotten some nice feedback already from folks here at the
conference who are looking forward to finding out more about "this open
source stuff".

Hope you can make it,


Sean Gillies

Sep 13, 2006, 5:16:31 PM9/13/06
Excellent work, Brian! See y'all there. Anybody coming down from the
Fort? Send me an email and perhaps we could carpool.


Sean Gillies

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