A Legacy of Corruption and Abuse: The Post-9/11 Immigration Megabureaucracy...The Intercepted

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Sep 29, 2021, 9:57:01 PMSep 29

The Intercepted podcast presents a conversation on the history of the Department of Homeland Security and how it became a mega-paramilitary police force for immigration enforcement, rather than protecting "The Homeland" against realistic terrorist threats...The Intercept's investigative reporter Ryan Devereaux has done some of the best and most important investigative reporting on the border in recent years. That's a fact and my opinion does not matter.  I will post the transcript when available (for those who prefer to read, rather than listen...  In the meantime, read Ryan's reporting on The Intercept:

A Legacy of Corruption and Abuse: The Post-9/11 Immigration Megabureaucracy
The United States’ hard-line immigration enforcement is one of the most significant consequences of the war on terror.

September 29 2021, 4:01 a.m.

More than 4,600 Haitian migrants were expelled by the U.S. government in little over a week. This week on Intercepted: Recent images of Border Patrol agents on horseback pushing back Haitians along the U.S.-Mexico border led to renewed anger at the United States’ immigration enforcement methods. Investigative reporter Ryan Devereaux explains how the U.S. immigration enforcement apparatus grew to the scale that it is today, stemming from the war on terror. Since the Department of Homeland Security’s messy beginnings, the number of Border Patrol agents has more than doubled; immigrants detained in Immigration and Customs Enforcement jails have denounced mistreatment and unsafe conditions; and the number of deportations has dramatically risen. As Devereaux outlines, since Homeland Security’s creation, this trend has continued throughout the Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden administrations.

Transcript coming soon.

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