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Nathan Riddle

Feb 22, 2021, 3:24:24 PM2/22/21
to Friture
Love the software, I use it all the time to 'demo' (show) people what audio looks like; nothing else has as clean an interface and includes an o'scope with FFT & spectrogram on the same page. Thank you!

I'd like a few things and I know this is only developed in spare time and at leisure so I'm not upset if they don't get done.
I'd also love to see a 'buy me a coffee' link so we can support!


Semi-easy changes (I think):
1) Add a volume slider to generator (so ASIO drivers and other can be controlled)
2) Make generator able to pop-out (show/hide via shortcut)
3) Add gain to o'scope (I get that 1 to -1 is soundcard input), but it'd be super useful to make the waveform larger even if it clips or goes out of bounds on large input stimuli so the average is more easily seeable (that or log vertical scale)
4) Ability to set input per 'dock' (meaning o-scope can grab ch1 (L), FFT ch2 (R), etc.) [or two o'scopes each grabbing their own individual feed from the soundcard.
5) peak/rms measurement ability to be docked or made larger
6) SPL calibration

Stretch goals:
1) lower than 20Hz (say 5Hz) for 2D Spectrogram/FFT
2) MTW (multi time width) FFT so LF has high resolution and HF has lower resolution
3) 4ch input
4) Related to #4 above, input 1/2 interface can be different/separate
5) 4ch (or more, 8 max) input sources w/ multiple selectable soundcards per input.
6) Ability to record to file for playback inside program
7) mic calibration
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