Ability to choose the +/- y-axis range on the Scope

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Sami Kanderian

Dec 29, 2018, 5:50:33 AM12/29/18
to Friture

My daughter and I are participating at the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Expo at her elementary school in a months time. We are thinking of giving an interactive  presentation on sound. Its elementary school, so I'm just going to keep it simple. I have a microphone and a ukulele. The plan is to pluck each of the 4 strings and view a print screen of the scope in real time and have the kids count the number of peaks in 100ms in order to estimate the frequency of each string and see if it matches the true theoretical value (assuming its in tune). Originally, I was going to use an actual digital oscilloscope which I have access too.

Then I came across this awesome Friture program. I like that it has the real time FFT as well as the 2D Spectogram in addition to the scope. The FFT properly picks up the frequency with the maximum amplitude that matches the frequency of the plucked string. My problem is with the scope plot. The y-axis scale is fixed to +/-1.0, however, when each of the strings are plucked, the amplitude of the sine wave is less than 0.1, so it is too small to see at the fixed +/-1.0 range. In a future release, it would be nice to be able to adjust the range as a scope setting. Would that be possible?

I may still use a digital oscilloscope to better view the sine waves as I can adjust the y-axis range, but I like the real time FFT as well as the 2D spectogram of Friture. I may split the microphone signal and use both  a digital Tektronix scope.as well as Friture. Its a great program!

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