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Fred,  thanks very much for the follow up.  Yes, I have looked at the area
that  you've described.  We have discussed addressing this area when the
I-96  bridges project is in construction - that will begin approximately July 
2011.  We will also look at an interim maintenance fix to get us to  July.

Thanks again, and I'm thinking we'll have the interim fix done  next week,
and I'll let you know if it's delayed.

Regards,  Mia
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Hello Mia,
We chatted briefly at the M-5  Pathway opening last  fall.  I mentioned
the sand and gravel  covered condition on the  Huron Valley Trail in Lyon
Twp. adjacent to  I-96.  The specific location on  the HVT is where it
the east bound entrance onto I-96 from the north  bound Milford  Rd.  At
that location the entrance ramp and the HVT is   separated by a narrow
strip of
steep embankment.  The  steep  embankment is shedding extensive amounts of
sand and gravel onto the   paved path for a distance of perhaps 100 yards. 
reference point  for  viewing that section would be behind the Chase Bank
the Lyon  Towne Center  shopping area.
You indicated perhaps the  problem could be  alleviated with a
maintenance rehabilitation during  the 2011 season.  It  would seem to me
removal of a
few inch  depth of the sand/gravel in that strip,  and replacement with
and appropriate vegetation and seeding would solve the  problem and  hold
the soil adequately from washing onto the paved path during   rain.
If you'd like to review the site with me, I'd be   happy to meet you
there, perhaps behind the bank...  Please let me  know  your thoughts..
Those of us who utilize the Huron  Valley Trail for  bicycle riding
would be greatly appreciative, and a  potentially hazardous  condition
would be 


Fred Dore....

Mia  Silver
Michigan Dept. of Transportation, Oakland TSC
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Pontiac, MI 48341
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www.michigan.gov/drive for  construction and traffic  updates
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