Re: A deeper look at Fuchsia (was on cap-talk)

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Christine Lemmer-Webber

Aug 2, 2021, 5:13:56 PMAug 2
to, Danny O'Brien
This was a really impressive video... they really seem to be getting a
shockingly significant amount right.

Should we do a Friam about it? Maybe this week?

Danny O'Brien writes:

> I don’t usually like video documentation of *anything*, but this guided
> tour of Fuchsia by one of the Google developers working on it was pretty
> revealing.
> Apart from capabilities, they demo the OS’s use of (what looks to be) a
> content-addressed filesystem, a basic shell layer and dev/build
> environment, Guix/NixOS like package management, some basic GUI notes, the
> RPC and introspecting of live system components (including a Plan 9-ish
> filesystem view) and ends with coding up a component in Rust, along with
> its API and capability definitions.
> I think it’s worth an hour (or whatever playback speed divisor you can
> handle) of your time.
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Alan Karp

Aug 2, 2021, 7:00:14 PMAug 2
to <>
Sounds like a plan as long as you lead the discussion.

Alan Karp

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