Byproducts and Items with no manufacturing routing/bom set

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Trevor Bramwell

Sep 21, 2020, 10:59:41 AM9/21/20
to frePPLe users
Hey Johan,

We have a machined part that consumes remnants of material left over from another process.

We are going down the rabbit hole in Odoo to figure out how byproducts work and if they can be used to solve our issue. As it sits right now, with no vendor set, frepple will not plan demand due to no possible replenishment. Can frepple handle byproducts for replenishment?

Johan De Taeye

Sep 21, 2020, 11:23:50 AM9/21/20


Hi Trevor,


In your model, you can model byproducts as multiple operation-material records that produce material.

Here are the operation-material records for an operation that produces X, Y and Z:





Make X




Make X




Make X





For the replenishment of the product Y, you can either:

-           Don’t do anything.  If the demand for operation “make X” produces enough of the byproduct Y, there won’t be an issue. The solver will it as inventory it can consume from it.

-          Copy the operation “make X” into “make Y”.   All operation, operation-material and operation-resource records are exactly the same, except that the field “operation.item” now is set to Y.  When we run out of the byproduct, we will trigger extra production by planning the operation “make Y”.


If the copied operation “make Y” is an issue, it is possible to add a small customization that can re-use the operation “make X” to produce also the byproduct.




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