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Apr 23, 2010, 1:39:48 PM4/23/10
to Freethehikers
Friends and Supporters of Shane, Sarah and Josh,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to share the news that we have
learned after a consular visit yesterday (the first since October)
that Sarah and Shane are facing health problems that may be very
serious. They have endured nine months of detention in extremely
difficult conditions with tremendous strength and grace, however it is
taking a toll not only on their psychological and emotional well
being, but also on their health. Even despite these challenges they
have considered going on hunger strike to try to move their case
forward. They have no idea why they have been sitting in prison
without access to their lawyer and without any sign of movement on
their case. They have not been interrogated for a very long time,
which indicates that Iran has concluded the obvious, they are innocent
of anything other than possibly crossing into Iran unknowingly. This
also confirms what observers have been saying for a long time, that
they are being for purely political purposes, which the New York Times
has called unconscionable.

The situation is also taking an extraordinary toll on family members,
some of whom have also had to seek medical attention on account of the
tremendous stress this situation is bringing to our families. It is
time for this situation to end already. We need a growing chorus of
voice to speak out for Shane, Sarah and Josh's immediate release. The
urgency of the situation has increased dramatically in the last two
days. We have been saying all along that their case is not a political
issue but a humanitarian issue. That has never been more true than
today. We just need to do everything we can so Iran sees it that

Please visit the PRESS section of the website to view the press
release we released today that has a few more details. www.freethehikers.org


* Shane, Sarah and Josh all said that the single greatest support they
have had over the course of their imprisonment has been the letters.
The letters keep them thinking about the people they love, their
eventual freedom and give them strength to endure. KEEP THE LETTERS

Free The Hikers PO Box 15065 Duluth, MN 55815

* Speak up and speak out, spread the word.
* If you have any media contacts to share for our media list please
send them to meredit...@yahoo.com.
* Make sure your friends and colleagues abroad are aware of the
situation. Have them send letters to Iranian diplomats in other
* Write letters to President Obama and Secretary Clinton urging them
to take bold action to win the hikers release immediately.
* Have your local government pass a resolution and have that
resolution also passed by their "sister city" abroad.
* Create a piece of art dedicated to the Hikers
* Do whatever feels right, but do something!!!!


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