Need to disconnect calls with silence in call duration for more than a specified limit.

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Tajamul Maqbool

May 29, 2018, 6:39:07 AM5/29/18
to freeswitch-ru
Hi Team,

I need to disconnect those calls in which actually no leg is connected but I didn't get hangup for these calls reason can be Telco provider or the sangoma card or anything . Now because I didn't get any hangup from either leg this channel is still occupied by these calls but actually nobody is there on the call. This channel remains to be there until I manually kill this uuid or restart FS. 
Now I want to detect silence in the call and based upon the limit set call should disconnect and channel is free to take more calls.

I have already tried using following:
"rtp_timeout_sec"  :: seems this is available for sip only .
"wait_for_silence"   ::  not useful for me because this only checks silence at a particular time not over the complete duration of the call.
"record_session"   :  here I couldn't find any option for providing a silence threshold .

Set up details :
freswitch version :  1.6
SET up type :  PSTN
CARD    :    Sangoma

Any idea ??
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