No Waterboarding. No Dictatorship. No Mukasey.

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Nov 1, 2007, 5:35:27 PM11/1/07
to Freepage News
In an impassioned floor speech opposing the nomination of Michael
Mukasey for Attorney General, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked:
"Will we join that gloomy historical line leading from the
Inquisition, through the prisons of tyrant regimes, through gulags and
dark cells, and through Saddam Hussein's torture chambers? Will that
be the path we choose?"

Mukasey refuses to say that waterboarding is torture because Dick
Cheney won't let him - otherwise he would have to prosecute Cheney
and Bush as war criminals . Mukasey also believes the President can
ignore FISA and the Constitution and wiretap American citizens without
a warrant, which makes the President a Dictator.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Mukasey next Tuesday. All
9 Republicans will support him, so all 10 Democrats must oppose him .
Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, and Sheldon Whitehouse already do, but the
others are undecided (Ben Cardin, Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy, Herb
Kohl, and Pat Leahy) or leaning towards Mukasey (Dianne Feinstein and
Chuck Schumer).

Tell your Senators to oppose Mukasey:

Call the undecided Senators and report their responses:

Chuck Schumer is the key vote and he chairs the Democratic Senate
Campaign Committee - so if you give them money call 202-224-2447 to
say you will not contribute if Mukasey is confirmed.


No Wiretaps has led the fight against Bush's warrantless
wiretapping since it was exposed by the New York Times in December
2005. We believe it must end immediately, we believe Cheney and Bush
should be impeached for it, and we believe everyone involved should be
punished through prosecution and lawsuits.

Senators Jay Rockefeller and Harry Reid do not agree with us. They are
working overtime on a bill to expand Bush's wiretap power and give
full immunity for all past crimes. But Senator Chris Dodd is outraged
and promises to filibuster the Rockefeller bill. Dodd gave a
tremendous speech on Friday and spoke for all of us.

Dodd needs 40 Senators to support his filibuster, so please write your


Confront Presidential Candidates with the Progressive Agenda

Tired of double-talk from the candidates - including those who seek
the votes of progressives?

Let's reclaim the debate by confronting them with the Progressive
Agenda that we believe in!

Add your name to the list of Progressive Agenda that includes
respected artists, musicians, elected officials and other peace and
justice leaders.

Confront presidential candidates through the media or as they come to
your communities in search of votes. For example: Do they support full
troop withdrawal from Iraq and pledge no attack on Iran? If they claim
to be for universal healthcare, why don't they support single-payer
Enhanced Medicare for All?

Distribute the Progressive Agenda widely face-to-face and via email to
friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow activists. Print out a copy
and duplicate it. Refer to this agenda in blog comments, letters to
the editor and calls to talk shows.

In general, bird-dog candidates for President, Senate and Congress at
their public events, and everywhere you can.


11/9 Warmup for 12/7 National Caucus

When it comes to choosing our Presidential candidates, why does Iowa
take priority over the rest of the country?

The National Presidential Caucus was created to give citizens across
the country - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - a chance to
gather in small groups (up to 50 people) to discuss the candidates and

Of course this vote is informal and will not choose any delegates for
the convention. But it will get a lot of media coverage and will be a
lot more meaningful than the polls - particularly for longer-shot
candidates whose lower poll rankings reflects the Corporate Media's
bias against them.

The full Caucus will be held on Friday December 7, using Meetup-style
tools to help citizens connect. There will also be a Preliminary Straw
Poll & Caucus Warmup on Friday, November 9, 2007 is a co-sponsor of the National Presidential Caucus. For
more details:

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