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Jan 22, 2008, 3:23:55 AM1/22/08
What follows is a very important article for everyone of us to read.
PLEASE take whatever action you can to stop this in it's tracks.
The second article is a very clear lesson on the parasites we are
plaqued with.
In Solidarity,
By Doreen Hannes
January 20, 2008
NewsWithViews. com

I want to tell you how I found out about NAIS (National Animal
Identification System) in the hope that you will see how disturbing this
is and why we have to fight it with everything we have. In July of 2005,
I went to a meeting at the Ava Missouri Sale Barn regarding a new
electronic cattle identification program that was to be mandatory in
January of 2006 in order to sell cattle in the State of Missouri. Yes,
January of 2006. Dr Taylor Woods, a member of the NAIS Subcommittee, was
the one speaking. He never said what the name of the program was, nor
offered any website where one could go for information. I asked a couple
of questions and then made a statement. That statement was, "It sounds
like you just want to have complete control of the food supply." Dr
Woods replied, "We already do." It is a frightening prospect to consider
any group of men in complete control of the food supply, much less a
bunch of people who fear microbes. Needless to say, much of what Dr
Woods stated was not entirely true. We would not be required to
electronically identify our cattle to be able to sell them in January of
2006, and it wasn't really a done deal except in the minds of
bureaucrats who hate the fact that we still have this irritating thing
called the United States Constitution that needs to at least be given
lip service from time to time or chance a full scale revolt.

Then, in late November of 2005 I went into a local feed store, MFA, and
was greeted by a flame orange sign on the counter saying "Due to the
Bioterrorism Act We must have your name, address and phone number to
sell you feed." As creepy as that is, I now had a starting place. In a
short amount of time I found myself with the name of the program Dr
Woods was talking about, which was indeed the National Animal
Identification System, and a whole lot of information on the
Bioterrorism Act of 2002, which is basically NAIS for food and feed up
to the final consumer. Incidentally, the Bioterrorism Act passed as part
of the 2002 Farm Bill, which included the Animal Health Protection Act
(the USDA claims AHPA as their authorizing legislation for NAIS)
introduced by none other than current Ag Chair Senator Harkin of Iowa.
This same man has now introduced the first probable statutory reference
to NAIS in the 2007 Farm Bill. Is this a coincidence? Not likely.

The USDA recently released new documents that will make NAIS next to
impossible to fight without going on the offensive and filing suit
against the Federal government. The USDA states in their Business Plan
that in a scant few weeks (February 2008) they will issue a proposed
rule to roll all breed registry identification into NAIS. They will also
issue rules to roll all disease control programs into NAIS compliant
identification standards. Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Coggin's and
Pseudorabies will magically roll right in through the rulemaking
process. NPIP for poultry will just roll on in. Scrapies for sheep and
goats will simply be turned in to NAIS premise ID without the knowledge
or even consent of participants in this program. Certificates of health
to move animals across state lines, or even within the state will be
rolled in as well. If you get the idea that NAIS is like a bulldozer on
steroids, you'd be about right. Remember that NAIS is a three part
program with it's foundation being premise identification. You must have
a premise id to get an animal id, and you must have premise id and
animal id to have animal tracking.

The USDA is busily making Cooperative Agreements with all states and
tribes and any non profit organization that will stick it's hand out for
the taxpayer money to encourage and probably require their members to
enroll in premise id and animal id in order to reap the benefits of
membership in those organizations. The states are to help make NAIS
compulsory in order to engage in commerce under these contracts. There
is an exception allowed for individual animal identification? If you
never move an animal off your property other than directly to slaughter
it will not require an NAIS animal id, but there is no exception
mentioned or alluded to for premise id under USDA's plan.

Meanwhile, our federal level legislators blithely reiterate to us "NAIS
is voluntary at the Federal level" and say that they are doing so well
because they cut the budget for NAIS. Well, the infrastructure has
already been laid, folks. Unless you specifically stop NAIS via statute
or a moratorium, it's going to roll over all of our rights through all
disease control programs! Why do you refuse to uphold your oath of
office? You didn't take an oath to
pervert "general welfare" for the benefit of corporations and
bureaucrats, did you? Did our forefathers bleed and die so that an
agency could require birth certificates on chickens?

Many people seem to have a very difficult timeunderstanding that NAIS is
and always has been 48-hour traceback on all livestock. If you want
48-hour traceback, you must have 24 hour reporting of movements. NAIS is
not a marketing program; it is being brought to bear at the point of
market. NAIS cannot, by very definition, be a voluntary program. The
USDA is holding states hostage at the point of interstate commerce by
attaching NAIS premise id, and animal id to health certificates and
disease control programs. To up the ante even further, they are buying
the participation of feedlots, breed organizations, farm groups, youth
groups and processors. To move across state lines, or in many cases,
even within that state, you will need to be in NAIS. How can that be

NAIS opposition has been fairly effective fighting this on a state by
state level in a disorganized and haphazard fashion. The original plans
called for mandatory in January of 2008 and mandatory with enforcement
of all aspects in January of 2009. We've pushed the USDA back, and
sideways, but we have not stopped them because the people in positions
of power have not had the will to take on the fight.

The anti-NAIS movement has had a grand total of one case filed; and the
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture backed off just because of the
filing. Why are all the attorneys who have stepped into this battle
against NAIS not going after the federal government for an
injunction or more? The entire program is patently and assuredly
un-Constitutional. The USDA is trying to shift all lawsuits to the
states by saying "NAIS is voluntary at the federal level" while they
push the states into full implementation through perverting the
Interstate Commerce Clause.

Certainly, if we still have a Constitution, we can win on simply the
religious objection alone. But our arguments go further than even the
First amendment. We also have the 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th
amendments that are being violated with NAIS. There are issues of
unfair competition that will need to be addressed, as well as real
estate effects of this program. Why can't we get on the offensive and
file suit? We have harm in many of those who were rolled in, or coerced
into the program, and they are not all Amish who won't file suits.

We have the Alliance Defense Fund who won the case without even going to
court in PA, and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, who have taken
on Greg Niewendorp's case in Michigan, the Center for Law and Religious
Freedom involved in Wisconsin where the Amish have been assigned PIN's
without their consent; they have all broken their teeth on NAIS. We have
several individual attorneys who are well researched on the subject, and
still, no filing on the federal level to stop the USDA from shoving this
down our throats. The states of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin already
have mandatory NAIS to a large degree. With the myriad of roll ins
(Massachusetts, Idaho, Colorado Fairs, Illinois fairs, North Carolina
Fairs and hay, Tennesse hay share, NY calfhood vaccination, Pennsylvania
any farm
programs, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, etc.) without proper authorization,
there is no doubt where this is going. And it doesn't take a degree to
see it.

While I readily concede that suing the USDA is not something to be done
on a whim, surely if some of these learned individuals could get
together and keep their egos out of the way we could find someone with
the proper experience and expertise to bring suit against the USDA and
get it stopped before we have to fight every single rule they promulgate
related to NAIS for every one of the species covered under the program.

This is a plea from one who knows without a doubt that if this program
is not stopped that there will bebloodshed?.and not just the blood of
animals. I am fully committed to doing everything within my power to
stop this before it comes to that point. Please, please, stop playing
politics and start filing before we have a complete disaster on our hands.

And to the unwashed masses, people like me that is, we cannot and must
not fail to call our representatives on a regular basis and let them
know we expect them to uphold the Constitution and the principles of
freedom we have been endowed with. When we get a federal suit filed, we
will need to reach into our wallets and support the one bringing the
suit. When we get meaningful legislation to stop this, we must rally
support for those pushing for us. It is going to take every one of us in
whatever capacity we have to get this thing stopped. Don't wait for
someone else to do it, or it won't get done. Your freedom is your
responsibility. We have a gigantic secret weapon? there are way more of
"us" than "them," and we're right!

© 2008 Doreen Hannes - All Rights Reserved
Doreen Hannes is a homesteading mom, and a truly grass roots activist
for small scale and traditional farming rights. She has thoroughly
researched the origins and impacts of "Free Trade" agreements and
National Animal Identification System in particular and has been a
major force in the anti-NAIS movement both nationally and in Missouri
for over a year.

Her mission is to expose the procedures and methods being employed to
destroy the God given rights of this once great republic. Doreen is a
frequent guest on talk radio programs and has written extensively on the

E-Mail: animalwaitress@ <>
thanks to:

Rev. Skip Wigmore
Light of Life Ministries
Smithfield, NC
Rev. 18:4
for this post.
Thanks to for this post...

A History of Money and Banking Secrets That Banks Dont Want Published

*History of Money and Trade*
To start with a history of money and debt, we must go back many years
ago when people used to trade their wares for the things they wanted and
In place of money or Federal Reserve Notes, you could trade a well made
pistol for a cow, which you could eat or trade a remainder of for other
items like clothing.
It didn't take long for people to realize there needed to be a more
efficient means of trade. If you were a farmer, it was too difficult to
carry baskets of fresh corn around to trade for a new horse. And, the
person selling the horse might not want any corn at all.
*A History of Money and Gold*
So, people used gold for cash money, which always had a stable value, to
trade for the items they wanted and needed. This way the horse dealer
could always trade the gold received from the farmer for the clothing he
really wanted instead of having to take the corn.
In a history of money and gold, this only posed one problem. Gold was
very heavy to carry and hard to conceal. In the beginning of our banking
history what people would do is leave their gold with a goldsmith.
The goldsmith would then give them a note, or paper money, that stated
how much gold they had on deposit with the goldsmith (bank).
The farmer could then take this paper money note, say worth $50 to the
horse dealer and buy a horse with it. The horse dealer could then spend
this $50 paper note or go back to the goldsmith to pick up the $50 of
gold that he had just acquired by selling the horse to the farmer.
Well, why would the horse dealer want to trade in the cash money note
for the heavy gold, when he just wanted to trade it for clothing and
food anyway. So, the note would continue to trade hands and very few
people would ever go redeem it for the gold it was backed by.
It didn't take long for the goldsmith to understand this reality. So,
here he is storing all of this gold for other people. Let's give it a
value to make this next principle clear.
Let's say the gold he is storing is valued at $1,000 and there are
$1,000 in real cash money notes backed by this real gold being circulated.
*A History of Money and Loans*
When many people wanted a loan for say a total of $1,000, he decided no
one would notice and it would be real easy to lend them someone else's
gold, well actually a funny money note which was a promise to pay gold
upon redemption of the note. And, he'd only charge 10% interest. In a
history of money and loans, this caused another problem. If everyone
came in to redeem their notes, there would not be enough gold to pay
back everyone because there was only $1,000 in real cash money notes
backed by REAL gold.
That didn't matter to him, why not lend out to anyone who looks like
they can repay? And, that year he lent out a total of $10,000 worth of
newly created or you could say counterfeit, funny money notes. Oh well,
who cares says the goldsmith, no one is coming in to get their gold anyway.
So, now there is $1,000 in real cash money notes backed by REAL gold,
and $10,000 in funny money loans, thus $11,000 in total notes
circulating. The goldsmith is charging his 10% or $1,000 per year of
interest and don't forget every penny of the original counterfeited
principal is his to keep. For simplicity, lets say he now stops lending!
*A History of Money and Inflation*
Lets look at what this causes. There is now ten times as much
currency/notes floating around then there is real gold to back it. This
causes the value of the original $1,000 to loose 90% of its value.
Therefore to buy a horse now, it would cost $500. Thus, a history of
money and INFLATION.
Everyone now has way more money then they did the year before, they feel
rich. There are still the same amounts of products and services being
sold, just a lot more dollars to bid for them, thus most prices go way
up. This is called a boom.
Now the next thing this causes is for the $1,000 of interest and any
portion paid to the principal of these loans to go directly into the
goldsmith's pocket. Let's say over the course of the first year, the
borrowers paid back $1,000 worth of principal and $1,000 in interest.
This means there is still $1,000 of real cash money notes backed by REAL
gold. $9,000 in funny money loans outstanding, $9,000 in total notes
circulating and the goldsmith has pocketed $2,000.
So, the goldsmith is now up $2,000 out of thin air, and there is now
$9,000 in notes circulating which needs to pay back $9,000 owing. And
the cost of everything has gone up ten fold. Now lets move forward
another year.
Let's say over the course of the second year, the borrowers paid back
$1,100 worth of principal and $900 in interest. There is still only
$1,000 in notes backed by REAL gold. $7,900 in loans outstanding, $7,000
in total notes circulating and the goldsmith has pocketed another
$2,000, totaling $4,000 thus far.
Let's say over the course of the third year, the borrowers paid back
$1,200 worth of principal and $800 in interest. There is still only
$1,000 in notes backed by REAL gold. $6,700 in loans outstanding, $5,000
in total notes circulating and the goldsmith has pocketed another
$2,000, totaling $6,000 thus far.
*A History of Money and Recession*
People tighten up their spending for no apparent reason, but it is soley
because there are less notes in circulation. So, prices start to fall.
Businesses can't survive with the lower incomes, so they lay people off,
thus giving even fewer people money to spend. And, now we have the
beginning of a history of money and RECESSION. Year four, the borrowers
paid back $1,300 worth of principal and $700 in interest. There is still
only $1,000 in notes backed by REAL gold. $5,400 in loans outstanding,
$3,000 in total notes circulating and the goldsmith has pocketed another
$2,000, totaling $8,000 thus far.
Year five, the borrowers paid back $1,400 worth of principal and $600 in
interest. There is still only $1,000 in gold. $4,000 in loans
outstanding, $1,000 in total notes circulating and the goldsmith has
pocketed another $2,000, totaling $10,000 thus far, but $4,000 is still
With only $1,000 in total notes circulating, people obviously cannot
continue to pay, so there is one thing left and that is the confiscation
of their assets, and the remaining $1,000 in total notes circulating.
Can you say BANKRUPTCY. (which is now almost impossible)
*A History of Money and the FED*
Oh, I know says the goldsmith, I'll just have to keep lending this
counterfeit money backed by nothing so they can work hard for me for
free, and I will own every asset on this planet for free. So the
goldsmith starts to lend out money again and lends out $10,000 the first
year which again causes the BOOM. And, on and on it goes.
The only difference today is that there is no limit to the lending, so
there's continual money being created which forces us to fight each
other to get our hands on it, to pay back our own share of debt, while
the price of everything skyrockets endlessly.
And, the goldsmith's are now called the Federal Reserve System and the
funny money counterfeit notes are called Federal Reserve Notes. In the
1930's there was roughly $30 Billion in gold at Fort Knox, and now we
owe $7,937,046,735,823.
So, then I ask you fellow American, is this a history of money and debt
that you thought was going on when you borrowed from Capital One or
Providian? Find out how to get out of credit card debt by visiting us at
Mark A. Cella

" The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to
destroy the Americans freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform
the citizen of this plight." _ John F. Kennedy- Columbia University,
Nov. 12, 1963
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and
bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in
government." - Thomas Jefferson


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