We Are All Being Left to Die

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May 20, 2008, 9:26:14 AM5/20/08
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Suddenly this is all starting to make sense. Something dawned on me
while researching the Dr Beter files, strangely they had many of the
same and similar warnings that many conspiracy researchers are putting
out today. Laugh at him if you like, he predicted the Beuirut barracks
boming of the Marines 13 months in advance, and died quickly after
releasing audio casette 79 and 80 which talked about just such thing.


But the point is this, if you actually dig you will find much of what
he was talking about had quite a bit of evidence to back what he was
saying, his position as a high level prosecutor at large largely
indicated he was no nut at all,but had climbed up high in society..

How ever much of what he talked about was halted put on hold, or
otherwise stopped by one faction or another.

The Standard Elite Depopulation Means are *not* Working..

They desparately want to get the population down, they are
pyschopathic super-predators and will do anything to accomplish it.
However with over 100 years of their plans getting leaked out by
insiders from inside their own system (who still have a consciousness)
they know the standard manipulations are no longer being effective:

Put 2 and 2 and 2 together.

Everyone is talking about the Relocation that is going on, namely some
program where the elite are relocating underground (with their totally
loyal and brainwashed slaves). It tells us plainly and there are
sniffets of it everywhere....

Google: Federal Relocation Arc, The Horizon Project, Elite Underground
bases etc...

Combine this with the mysterious deaths of top biologists in the world
over the past 15 years

Google: Dead Microbiologists etc... Check this link :

This is them tying up their loose ends, in otherwords nobody above
ground is going to get the cure when the plagues are released. It is
taking this long because they have to have sure fire vaccines that
work, if they don't they themselves will die in their underground
bunkers, and the entire human race could easily be wiped out.

Now look at all the Predicitive Programming that is ongoing:

Google or watch: I am Legend, Coming Avian Flu, etc Goto
news.google.com and enter: Avian Flu.

The public is being totally conditioned to accept their own demise.
Even the movie I am Legend makes sure to leave a strong overture that
"It was all in God's plan" as protrayed in the movie. If you look at
the back of the cover it hints it out "Death as a gift", "Isolation"
is the bonus scene. Think about it.


They are not going to try to compete with us this time, they know what
they want to unleash will be so hellish that they are going to
relocate underground. Those of you who constantly infiltrate and
monitor these boards for the lettered and unlettered agencies your
being sold out! If the forced internment camps do not work, they
already have a backup plan, if that fails, and you won't be spared.
That is how pyschopathic killers think and function, double-crossing
is simply a tool in their arsenal.

They have seen their systems compromised and defeated time and again
by people who still had a consciousnous, why do you think they spent
so much time and money and research into fluordation and the brain
implant chips (Google these words they are working on it everywhere).
They do not want any more loose ends or compromises in their system,
they need robotrons for their future plans.

People Use Your Heads, we are being left on top to die out, they have
a fumigation plan and WE are the targets. Its only a matter of time,
they would prefer 100% lethal type viruses if they could get it and
they would. After we all died out and run internment camps, and
possibly a small nuke campaign they will come back out. The Chemtrails
will be switched to lethal variants. and like Alan Watt says they
always destroy a old system before building their new one.

Now you do know what the Bible was talking about in Revelation where
all the people die, and the kings hid themselves in the ground and the
rocks... Spread the warning.

Informant: zebra77a

Omega Group

May 20, 2008, 9:34:53 AM5/20/08
to Freepage News
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