Japan urges limiting kids' cell phones

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Thanks, Mark, for this story regarding the Japanese government's concerns re cell phones!

  The article (below) provides insight into the sort of "peer pressure" children are experiencing re cell phone use.   Even if a child might not ordinarily think of bringing a cell phone to bed, a child may succumb to jeers and taunts by friends or schoolmates.  I know of many children and even adults who are sleeping with cell phones right next to their heads -- even "under pillows!"   The information re children being "targed" if they do not respond to an "e-mail" (I wonder if the article meant "text message" but perhaps "e-mail" is also sent via cell phones (?) and/or the term is synonymous), is very disturbing and is promoting a very dangerous practice!

We need to inform the public re the need to strictly limit especially younger childrens' cell phone usage obviously but the complicating factor of "all night exposure," is extremely serious and requires urgent action by all governments!

Sadly, the American Cancer Society will probably work hard to "soothe nerves" in the U.S. -- tonight's Larry King Live Show re Johnny Cochran's brain cancer.   When will we break through to the public so parents will know they need to "save the children" (and themselves)?       Take care  -  Joanne

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Japan urges limiting kids' cell phones

By YURI KAGEYAMA, AP Business Writer Tue May 27, 9:54 AM ET

TOKYO - Japanese youngsters are getting so addicted to Internet-linking cell phones that the government is starting a program warning parents and schools to limit their use among children. 

The government is worried about how elementary and junior high school students are getting sucked into cyberspace crimes, spending long hours exchanging mobile e-mail and suffering other negative effects of cell phone overuse, Masaharu Kuba, a government official overseeing the initiative, said Tuesday.

"Japanese parents are giving cell phones to their children without giving it enough thought," he said. "In Japan, cell phones have become an expensive toy."


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