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Jun 16, 2008, 11:24:50 AM6/16/08
**Please forward far and wide on all list, imcs and emails you have!**

March on Zeb Mountain!


This will be the day, this will be the day when all of God's children
will be able to sing with new meaning "My country 'tis of thee, sweet
land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of
the Pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring!"
Martin Luther King

This is a call from the Mountains of Tennessee to those who
understand the value of a living forest, clean water and a place to
call home. This is a call for you to take a Sunday out of your life
to help preserve some of the oldest watersheds on Earth. This is a
call not for any organization or group?but for the Mountains of


July 20th at 1pm United Mountain Defense, Mountain Justice and Three
Rivers Earth First! ask you to march with us for Appalachia. March
with us to defend the highland watersheds in which we all depend.
March with us to defend some of the oldest mountains on Earth.

March with us in solidarity against the watershed annihilation
machine known as mountain top removal. Currently in Tennessee strip
mine corporations are blowing up Tennessee highland watersheds for
short term profit?meanwhile surrounding counties hold regional
drought commissions meetings.

You cannot drink coal!


National Coal is the strip mine corporation blowing up the three
peaks of Zeb Mountain for the coal beneath. National Coal has a
terrible record of over 50 violations on Zeb Mountain?including one
for illegally mining through two streams. National Coal has wrecked
the watershed of Zeb Mountain?and the New River Watershed is next if
we don't stop them.


National Coal has bought over 75,000 acres in the nearby Sundquist
Wildlife Management Area and has the repeatedly stated intention on
increasing its rate of blowing up mountains in this Watershed.
Sundquist WMA is 84,000 acres of public access property offering
public hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, grouse, and small

The Sundquist is a Watershed for the New River. The New River flows
into the Cumberland River which is Nashville's drinking water source.
Some geologists have suggested that this is the oldest watershed on
Earth National Coal is intent on blowing up. National Coal is intent
on blowing up a watershed that is one of Tennessee's state capitals
sources of drinking water.


National Coal suggests that they are not like the "bad mining
practices of the past." National Coal says that they are a kinder
gentler strip miner?not like the bad old strippers of the past?
National Coal would have you ignore the 150 year history of mining in

National Coal suggests that they are not like all of the bad evil
strippers in Kentucky, WVA, and South West Virginia. They shake their
heads at how bad it is there. National coal would have you ignore
what their industry is doing in the other states.

National Coal suggests that they can do a great job "improving" the
New River Watershed by blowing it up. National Coal would have you
ignore the incredible damage they have done to Zeb Mountain. They
would have you ignore your lying eyes.

March with us and stand up to these corporate bullies who with
arrogant almost colonialist swagger assume the right to blow up the
watersheds and mountains of Tennessee. Rocky top is our state song?
not blown up mountain top. Tourism is our number one industry?clear
cutting and blowing up mountains does not attract tourist.


March?and play music with us! Bring your banjo, fiddle, accordion?art
skills?what ever you have. If you can play music and march
Tennessee's mountains need you!

I realized that before a people could be fit for offering civil
disobedience, they should thoroughly understand its deeper
implications. That being so, before restarting civil disobedience on
a mass scale, it would be necessary to create a band of well-tried,
pure-hearted volunteers who thoroughly understood the strict
conditions of Satyagraha. They could explain these to the people, and
by sleepless vigilance keep them on the right path. Gandhi

The March shall begin with a prayer in the parking lot before the
March. We shall march to the entrance of National Coals occupation of
Zeb Mountain singing and playing our instruments to the very gates of
what National Coal is turning into a vision of hell.

>From there after a last prayer those who feel the call to walk down
the road and inspect the damage done by National Coal are invited to
do so. If you think that you are called to do this you must go
through the non-violence training the day before on Saturday. We are
offer an opportunity for non violent civil acts of conscience for
those who understand the power of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and
Henry David Thoreau's powerful examples.

I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral
obligation as is cooperation with good. No other person has been more
eloquent and passionate in getting this idea across than Henry David
Thoreau. As a result of his writings and personal witness, we are the
heirs of a legacy of creative protest. (Martin Luther King, Jr,


We are in a critical period where the banning of strip mining for
coal in Tennessee is in our grasp. The situation is complex with a
series of strange allies, non traditional friends and a coalition of
people who hunt, fish and love the mountains because god made them.
As such we have some suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of the

1. Bring an instrument?and learn how to play "Rocky Top"?
Tennessee's state song. We are working on new lyrics.

2. Dress up! Yep?we want you to come in your Sunday best. As best
you can clean up and dress as best you can. During the civil rights
movement people wore suits and ties all the time?so can we.

3. When all else fails wear orange! We are the people of
Tennessee and the song Rocky Top is about us, and so is the color
orange. Just by wearing orange you can show that you are from
Tennessee?and understand the importance of our mountains to our

4. Respect. Show respect for the people who drive by, for the
people who live here, for the miners?for yourselves and the people
you organize with. There will be animal rights activist and hunters,
Christians and Atheist, Peace Activist and Military Veterans at this
march. Show respect for the mountains by showing respect for the
diversity of people that come to defend them.

5. Bring signs showing support for Tennessee's mountain heritage,
watersheds and the Sundquist WMA. We need art, banners, musicians and
you. Especially you.

The organizations sponsoring this event are committed to nonviolence.
Please come, but come with the understanding that this march has a
specific focus with specific tactical goals. By participating in this
March you are agreeing to our non violence guidelines and to follow
the direction of the organizers of this march. We have formed strong
alliances with non-traditional allies and it is important that we
maintain that trust beyond this single march.


<> for more information. You can
also call for more information at (865) 689-2778 or goto our Website
at Drop us a line if you're planning on
coming?it makes logistics easier.

For the Mountains!

United Mountain Defense <>

(865) 689-2778


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