Survey on seal hunt

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Jan 5, 2008, 3:31:31 AM1/5/08
Hi Everyone:
    This is a very important survey. Please fill in all questions.
See below for my response.
Subject: Survey on seal hunt !
Happy New Year to You!
The European Commission would like to hear people's opinion on seal hunting before they make their final decision in a couple of months.
Now there is our chance to speak out for the Canadian seals !
Please, forward this link ONLY to people who know well about the seal hunt issues, because it can be a bit "tricky" for someone who is not very familiarized with this issue.
Deadline is Feb. 13, 2008.
Thank You !

Your attitude towards trade in seal products

Meta Informations
Creation date
Last update date
User name
Case Number
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Personal data
First name
Last name
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Age category 65+
Where do you live? City - more than 1,000,000 inhabitants
Country of residence Canada
Are you replying on behalf of an organisation or institution
Type of organisation or institution National NGO
Country where your organisation or institution is based Canada
Key questions
Do you accept hunting in principle? No
Do you see any difference, in principle, between the act of killing a wild animal like a seal and the slaughter of farm animals such as cattle or pigs? No
If no: why?
Is hunting seal populations (without reducing the overall seal stocks) different to other ways of making use of natural resources, such as hunting deer or catching fish? No
If no: why? Humans have a right to make sustainable use of natural resources, including seals
How much should concern over animal welfare count compared to concern over local communities that depend on seal hunting? Animal welfare is more important than the interests of local communities
Which are, to your knowledge, the main methods for killing seals? (Select two options maximum) Shooting
Physical (hitting the seal's head with a striking weapon)
Methods of seal killing
Shooting 1
Physical (hitting the seal's head with a striking weapon)
Is the age of hunted seals a factor in your view? Seals should not be killed
The use of hunted seals - which is the most acceptable to you? Any use of seals by humans is unacceptable
The hunter - what is the most acceptable to you? Tick the statement which comes closest to your opinion. We should refrain from killing seals for any reason
Regulating seal hunting
Seal hunting is acceptable if it is regulated by clear laws setting requirements for seal hunting methods. Fully disagree
Seal hunting is acceptable if it is regulated by law, setting requirements to seal hunting methods and if independent inspectors control the seal hunts. Fully disagree
It is generally known that in some cases, not all seals that are thought to have been killed actually die. Some will only have been wounded and will manage to get away (called struck and lost). For seal hunting to be acceptable, which struck-and-lost ratio is acceptable? Seal hunting can never be acceptable
What would you suggest to decision-makers at the European level on possible legislative measures to regulate the placing on the market of seal products? Please select one statement only. The placing on the market of seal products, wherever they come from, should be banned
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