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Nov 1, 2007, 8:51:18 AM11/1/07



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November 1, 2007

Condoleeza Rice entered the Congressional hearing room on October 24th,
I approached her, with no advance planning and almost without thinking,
extending my red-painted palms. I told her that the blood of the Iraqi
people was on her hands. I felt compelled to confront her,
woman-to-woman, face-to-face, for the untold death and destruction her
policies have unleashed. I had no idea that the image of this gesture
would be in newspapers around the world
*A very personal expression by me, a schoolteacher from Texas and
current CODEPINK housemother in D.C., had global impact. *

Judging from the hundreds of thank-you notes I've received, this action
has struck a chord with people all over the country. *I have been buoyed
by the gratitude, but I'm concerned, as well.* One result of my action
last week was the banning of all the CODEPINK women who were at the
hearing from Capitol Hill. Now that many of us at the CODEPINK house
have a "stay-away order" from Congress, who will take our places? Our
loud and vibrant anti-war presence in the halls of Congress these past
six months have made "business as usual" impossible. CODEPINK needs to
be there reminding our representatives of the human costs of this war.

is why I'm urging you to help us today. There are two things you can do:*

*1.* Come join us-whether for a few days, a week or longer. We'll orient
you, show you the ropes, and pair you up with other great citizen
activists. Both women and men are invited. Click here
to learn more and fill out an application.

*2.* If you can't join us, please send a donation to help give someone
else the opportunity. Click here
to support our "Adopt-an-Activist" fund to pay the airfare and living
expenses of those who have the time and passion to join us but lack the
financial resources.

Thank you for helping us to stand up against the warmongers and thank
you for helping us to work for peace with our sisters and brothers in
the Middle East.

Desiree Fairooz

*Join our November Pledge to Speak Up for Peace!***

*Congratulations to Vietnam Veteran and Activist Buddy Georgia * for
winning a weeklong trip to the CODEPINK house! He enlisted 199 friends
to take our October pledge
to Stop the Next War Now!

Our November pledge, inspired by Desiree, is a call to *Speak Up for
Peace*. Sign up now
and encourage your friends and family to pledge to raise their voices
for peace, as well. You could win your own trip to DC!

*P.S. *Thanks to everyone who joined one of the regional peace
mobilizations on October 27th! You can see photos, stories, and news
clips from pink contingents around the country here

Our next big mobilization is the nationwide November 3rd Step it Up
rally to demand leadership on global warming. Click here
to find out how to start or join an action in your community; together,
we can pressure our leaders to figure out how we can best heal our planet.

*Apply to join us in DC *

*Donate to send other activists to DC*

*Take our Speak Up for Peace Pledge Today*

*Join a Step it Up action on November 3rd*


*Join our Book Club discussion*

of /*
*November 8*
(note the date change)
We look forward to discussing Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, a moving
graphic novel about growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.




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