The American dilemma

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Oct 13, 2007, 1:25:07 PM10/13/07
*/Censored message: A few videos which will make the American dilemma
quite clear. /*
EVERY ONE of these links was checked to be working, when this message
was sent. /*
Some have segments that are common to others, but differences as well/*
Totalitarian political censors may try to foil these links by adding
spaces to the URLS. /*
If these links do not work, just remove the spaces. THEN USE COPY AND
PASTE TO THE ADDRESS BAR. These tactics ONLY show how much the
totalitarians fear these messages. /*
A more convenient way: If you can get to this link:/*
*/then you will be able to click on all but one of the URLS. The above
URL is for a message that was posted directly at:
*/(without passing through the censorship filters)/*
*/Ron Paul supporters are the most computer savvy people on the
internet. OK folks, they have thrown down the gauntlet. Let us show them
what we can do!/*
*/Jack Cafferty tells it like it is! /*
*/similar, but not identical:/*

*/Ron Paul "Only" Michigan Republican Debate MSNBC /*

*/GOP Presidential Candidates Just Don't Get It on Iraq /*

*/MSNBC Ron Paul post debate interview 10-9-2007/* */ /*

Here is what the tyrants hope to do:/*
*/Directive 51- America, wake up!/*

*/Ben Franklin said, "They that can give up
essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety, and ultimately will have neither." /*

*/CNBC Admits Deleting Poll Because Paul Was Winning!/**blog*&par=RSS
*/CNBC said that thet DECIDED that their own poll was unreliable BECAUSE
Ron Paul was winning./*

*/TeenScreen - Controversial and Unscientific /*

*/Ron Paul's Bill to ban funding for screening here: /*

*/You may have found this message
in a spam folder,
treated as spam,
but this is actually political censorship. /*

*/Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution?/*

*/Just email it to a few of your friends./*

*/The snoops, who are reading your emails, /*

*/are the ones who need to know what the Constitution says.


/**/Informant: John Perna/**/

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