142 Organizations Join in Calling for a Special Prosecutor for Bush

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Mar 5, 2009, 10:56:34 AM3/5/09
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142 Organizations Join Together Calling for Special Prosecutor
The Crimes of Bush, Cheney, and Other Top Officials Must Be Prosecuted

Tell your friends to join this movement to indict Bush

We know our movement is making headway when the country's two major newspapers, including the historically more conservative Washington Post editorial board, are both pointing the finger at Bush's criminal legacy. It's clear that growing numbers in Congress are currently discussing how best to address the crimes of Bush & Co., so now is the time to be clear: we want indictment. Not just a fact-finding mission, but indictment.

  Bush thinks he will never be held accountable
You can spread the word by putting the IndictBushNow web button to the right on your website or blog -- it only takes 30 seconds!
Here's how you can help:

1) Click this link to forward this email to five friends, and get them to join the 142 organizations who have called for a Special Prosecutor for Bush.

2) You can spread the word by putting the IndictBushNow web button to the right on your website or blog -- it only takes 30 seconds!

3) Sign the Indict Bush referendum at IndictBushNow.org.

4) Send a letter to Congress demanding accountability for Bush's illegal torture campaigns and subsequent cover-up.

5) Make a generous donation so we can spread the message of indictment and accountability far and wide.

Here's the news from today, Wednesday, March 4:

washington post
Editorial "Mad Max's Justice Department"

IMAGINE A PLACE where soldiers are entitled to burst through doors without warrants and citizens can be locked away without trial. Imagine that the leader of this place has the power to silence dissenters and the press and has the right to keep duly elected legislators from having a voice in these matters. Imagine further that he can unilaterally rip up and disregard any treaty he dislikes and that he has been told he is on solid legal ground by a hand-picked circle of advisers.

This is not some lawless Third World country or dusty fictional outback from a sci-fi movie but the United States of America, as described in a series of newly released Justice Department memos from the early years of the Bush administration...

"Release of Memos Fuels Push for Inquiry Into Bush’s Terror-Fighting Policies"

WASHINGTON — A day after releasing a set of Bush administration opinions that claimed sweeping presidential powers in fighting terrorism, the Obama administration faced new pressure on Tuesday to support a broad inquiry into interrogation, detention, surveillance and other practices under President George W. Bush.

Justice Department officials said they might soon release additional opinions on those subjects. But the disclosure of the nine formerly secret documents fueled calls by lawmakers for an independent commission to investigate and make public what the Bush administration did in the global campaign against terrorism...

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