Psoriasis or ES/EHS ? Digital changeover problems?

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Jun 4, 2008, 11:10:18 AM6/4/08

Dear Olle: Our son, Mike, finally went back to the dermatologist the
other day.

Mike is supposed to try a new cream -- so far all have not helped.
I worry constantly that he will develop Lymphoma. Lower legs are
severe, in my opinion, but the dermatologist says he has seen much
worse. For years, Mike has had large raw, open areas of bloody skin.
He has problem on both arms, some on chest also. Never actual
diagnosis of "psoriasis" but rather "psoriasis-like."

If the new cream doesn't work, the dermatologist has recommended ultra
violet light box therapy. He told Mike the only two (new?) meds --
Mike didn't give names while we were at dinner last night but I will try
and find out -- will cause cancer.

A very important point the doctor made is that many of his patients are
coming in with unusual problems on/around fingernails. The doctor
said, "/strange /-- happening since this winter." Fortunately, Mike
does not have the fingernail problem. He didn't qualify for psoriasis
studies in the past and like me and other family members, we often
"don't fit" when it comes to any diagnosis. Could be the years he
lived in our house close to the high voltage lines or more likely, when
he slept close to the electric meters (two were operating when he was
home -- separate one for water heater) in our back bedroom -- in other
words, some sort of "adaptive sensitivity" (a crazy thought -- as
opposed to developing more typical symptoms). I suppose he does fall
into category of ES/EHS. He lives by high voltage lines but at
distance of 175 ft. or so. Measurements by those lines are usually very
low. I had to take him to hospital when he was about nine years old
(sleeping by electric meters) because his white count was very high and
the doctor didn't know what was wrong. Turned out he had strep throat
-- "atypical." It was "a Leukemia scare" tho......

My own blood sugar levels are staying high and not responding to
supplements and esp. magnesium as was the case before. While that
problem had been increasing, it seems to be "persistent" esp. since
January. It is interesting that the readings -- frequencies at outlets
(Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter) are staying at low levels (normal) for
past several months. May have a connection to digital changeover?
We know that the GPS system went completely "digital" on January 1,
2008. Whenever we try mitigation at our house, we "get worse!"
Digital changeover seems to be causing similar problems. Dave, as you
know, has said, "all bets are off for homes so close to high voltage
lines." We have tried other mitigation and have also worsened.

I am, again, trying to encourage melatonin. Mike is unwilling to
take supplements. I think he needs melatonin, biotin, selenium,
magnesium and Vitamin D (at a minimum). A big question is
whether sudden changes to digital might be greatly reducing
effectiveness of many supplements possibly by interfering
with "absorption" and for persons who are sleeping close to electric
appliances and/or telephone equipment, problems with prescription meds
may either be "inability to absorb" or, if absorbed, the chemical
composition of the meds quickly become toxic.

There is no doubt tho that melatonin continues to be "a God-send!" Bud
and I both take six of the 3 mg. capsules per night (no B-6). I know
dose needed, especially for Bud, because he wakes up and comes down to
ask for "something to sleep" if he doesn't have enough melatonin.
Since keeping him on the six capsules per night, he has quit coming
downstairs and no longer has delusions or hallucinations. I assume also
"no agitation" since he goes to bathroom and back to bed without waking
me up. The dose that works for Bud may be too high for me and could
be keeping my blood sugar at higher level. I feel great tho and have
no signs of neuropathy as I had years ago. Alpha Lipoic Acid and other
supplements are helping us both even if not "fully absorbed."

Let me know if you have heard about the fingernail problems since
January 2008. Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: <> (6-4-08)


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