Weather Modification Bills set for passage Jan. 2009--Action

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One or more experimental weather modification/mitigation bills could be passed by the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives early in January 2009.  It is time to take action and use this toll free number 1-866-220-0044 (Eastern Time), to contract your Senators and U.S. Representatives in Washington , D.C.



California Senator Boxer, Connecticut Senator Lieberman, Nevada Senate Leader Reid, Texas Senator Hutchison, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi intend to drive Climate Change Legislation (Cap & Trade Bills), through Congress early in January 2009. 


NOAA (U.S. Department of Commerce), lists more than sixty current and ongoing weather modification programs being implemented across the United States on a yearly basis.  In addition to the programs listed by NOAA, there are private, university, military, and ongoing government sponsored atmospheric testing and heating programs underway in Alaska and across the United States .


Artificial weather modification can impact all of us by chemically polluting our water supplies, changing agricultural crop production cycles and micro-climates, reducing crop production, and water availability.  Since most experimental weather modification programs use chemicals released into the atmosphere the public could be subjected to increasingly toxic or unknown substances that could adversely impact agricultural crops, pollute drinking water supplies, and cause declining tree health. 


If the weather is changed in one state, region or county it changes local micro-climates needed for agricultural crop production. These changes can cause dramatic shifts in weather conditions in other locations both nearby and thousands of miles away.  And who is going to decide the type of weather modification experimentation and who will benefit or suffer from the adverse consequences of these programs? Who will be responsible for studying the synergistic effects of these programs or pay for unintended disasters created by this experimentation?  If these programs change growing seasons and interrupt the pollination process crop losses could be substantial.


The following bills were slated to be passed by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008:  (Most of these bills will be reintroduced with new bill numbers in 2009.)

U.S. Senate Bill 1807    

U.S. Senate Bill 2191      

U.S. Senate Bill 3036     

U.S. House Bill 3445     

U.S. House Draft Bill – Congressman Dingell


Included in Climate Security and Climate Change Legislation will be Cap & Trade Bills which will be more Stock Market Schemes designated as:   Cap & Trade Bills under the heading of climate security acts.

Informant: Dorothee Krien


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