Doctors forced to violate medical ethics

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Oct 4, 2007, 5:16:36 PM10/4/07

In Florida, an unidentified doctor wears a purple moon suit in the
execution chamber to hide his or her identity. In Missouri, anyone,
including a journalist, who reveals the identity of members of the
execution team can be sued. In North Carolina, a judge has ruled that
the State Medical Board cannot discipline doctors who participate in
executions, despite crystal clear ethical rules that forbid such

*Help defend the medical profession from being dragged into the mire of
state killing.*

Health professionals assist at the first execution by lethal injection
in Guatemala, February 1998. (copyright Jorge Uzon)

All major health professional associations, worldwide and in the U.S.,
oppose the participation of their members in executions. Yet
increasingly, executions -- especially the practice of lethal injection
-- have drawn in health professionals, in violation of their fundamental
ethical rule to "harm none".

*Here's what you can do:*

* *Signal your support*
for Amnesty International's /Declaration on the Participation of
Health Personnel in the Death Penalty,/ calling on states and
health professionals worldwide to respect fundamental medical ethics.
* *Read the new report*
/Execution by lethal injection: A quarter century of state killing/
* *Learn more about lethal injection*
in the U.S. and worldwide

Whether you are a medical professional, or a concerned citizen, we need
you to send the message that the death penalty is no place for those in
the healing professions.

Thank you for your steadfast support,

Brian Evans
The Program to Abolish the Death Penalty
Amnesty International USA

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