Petiton to save Tusker

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Jan 5, 2008, 3:26:59 AM1/5/08
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Date: 1/4/2008 2:57:35 PM
Subject: Re: Petiton to save Tusker
Hello everyone, I think it is not the best way for a petition. You can use a petition page, for example you have The petition site:
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Subject: Fwd: Petiton to save Tusker

        As a general rule,  I am very skeptical about online petitions.  However,  Johnny Rodrigues has organized this one in an unusual format that may succeed in attracting the continuing notice of the specific people he is trying to influence,  and he has a very specific set of targets,  working within a specific time frame.  All of that gives this petition a much better chance of success than most.


From: "Johnny Rodrigues" <>
To: "Undisclosed recipient" <>
Subject: Petiton to save Tusker
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 23:37:51 +0200

Tusker (or Dustbin as he is also known), is the resident Charara elephant. With his peaceful antics of raiding bins and braais he is a legend and a great favorite of tourists and locals alike. We don't want to lose him.
There has been an attempt to relocate Tusker in the past which didn't quite go according to plan and when Johnny Rodriguez (Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force) went to National Parks Headquarters and told them what had transpired, they showed compassion for Tusker and agreed that he can remain in Kariba. They won't shoot him as long as he doesn't hurt anyone; however, there are conditions to this reprieve. It was agreed that the reason Tusker has become so habituated to humans is because people feed the wild animals. There are signs in every National Park in the country, including Kariba, prohibiting the feeding of wild animals but there are people who ignore this.
Tusker, through no fault of his own has become used to people and he has learnt that where humans are present, he will find food. We are extremely concerned about this because we have heard several stories of people feeding him and by feeding him; those people are inadvertently condemning him to death. Although he has never killed anyone, he has been classified as a "problem animal".
After his recent behavior over the 2007 Charara New Years weekend it has been decided that Tusker should be shot. This tragic event will be taking place on the 7th January, 2008.
Please fill in your name and country below to show that you are against this, if your name is a hundred (100, 200, 300) please forward your copy of the mail to the following:
Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force -
Francis Nhema -
Morris Mtsambiwa -

1.      Lewana Nel (Zimbabwe)
2.      Anna Nel (Zimbabwe)
3.      Michelle Nel (South Africa)
4.      Nicole Nel (Zimbabwe)
5.      Louis Nel (Zimbabwe)
6.      Wendy Young (Zimbabwe)
7.      Adele Baker (Zimbabwe)
8.      Sheila Baker (Zimbabwe)
9.      Don Baker (Zimbabwe)
10.     Troy Boshoff (Zimbabwe)
11.     Jean-Paul De Robillard (Zimbabwe)
12.     Michelle De Robillard (Zimbabwe)
13.     Trevor Dalton (Zimbabwe)
14.     Justin Dalton (Zimbabwe)
15.     Jennifer Wells (Zimbabwe)
16.     Johnny Rodrigues (Zimbabwe)
17.     Cheryl Rodrigues (Zimbabwe)
18.     Shane Rodrigues (Zimbabwe)
19.     Sjaan Lindsay (Zimbabwe)
20.     Robin Crawford (Zimbabwe)
21.     Lorraine Randall (Zimbabwe)
22.     Gavin Randall (Zimbabwe)
23.     Kylie Randall (Zimbabwe)
24    Earle Bingley (Canada)

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