Smart Meter letter from Toronto Hydro-January 21, 2008

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Jan 24, 2008, 12:06:19 AM1/24/08
A gathering concern in North America is the use of so called, 'smart
meters'. The meters will continually collect electrical usage data and
transfer that information by radio-frequency to the electrical utility
company. By this method the company can provide discount rates at
low-use times of day and may save electricity use during prime times.
The only smart thing about the devices that is beginning to become
apparent is their ability to harm and eventually kill people who are
going to be exposed to additional electro magnetic radiation. The
method of data transfer is expected to use the present electrical
distribution system wiring. The downside is that all this additional
high frequency radiation, is that it is quite likely to cause dangerous
EMR to enter homes on the house wiring. These devices are being
installed throughout Ontario yet the method of data transfer is still in
some doubt.

A citizen of Toronto recently wrote to Toronto Hydro Electric System
about some of his concerns. He has kindly sent me the reply, so that
others can benefit from the knowledge. I have several concerns about
the answers provided, and plan to address them in the future. If
you are able to provide technical details to refute what has been said
by Toronto Hydro, please send them to me, or directly to the company.



*Sent:* Monday, January 21, 2008 7:18 PM
*Subject:* Smart Meter letter from Toronto Hydro-January 21, 2008

Hi --Thought you'd be interested in the attached reply I received from
Toronto Hydro.
Note the error on the date- I believe it should have been 2007. Do you
think this is indicative of the care and concern of Toronto Hydro for
its customers ?? Please feel free to use this letter as you see fit.
Mike B.

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