How close electric field exposures might drastically interfere with reproduction

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Subj: Re: Moment of ovulation captured on video - Telegraph

Subject: Ovulation captured on video -- thoughts re how close
electric field exposures might drastically interfere with

Dear Robert: Absolutely "amazing!" Thanks so much for this!

It is easy to imagine why so many young women are unable to become
pregnant without considerable assistance when thinking about the
delicate balance that must be maintained and how much of that
balance is adversely affected by electric fields close to one's bed
or even the RF from a cell phone held close to a person's body.
As you know, those are only a few of the possible scenarios.

Bud and I were shocked today to find an "under-counter" electric
clock in a garage sale. Neither of us ever heard of such a
thing. I did know, however, that one of my friends who died a
couple of years ago had a clock mounted in the handle of her
stove. Even if ovulation is successful and conception takes
place, an expectant mother needs to be made aware of dangers of
spending time standing in front of an electric clock, or carrying a
cell phone on her body or taking a cell phone to bed or placing on
nightstand or headboard, or using an electric blanket or other
electric and/or telephone equipment close to her bed. There also
are not enough warnings about the need to distance oneself from
microwave ovens while in use.

We interacted today with a friend of a young woman who has
miscarried twice and is now having problems with her third
pregnancy. We left one of our typical flyers that happened to
include information re the 2002 EMF California Report and connection
to miscarriages.

If autism is related to electric field exposures "in utero," the
above infiormation is essential in order to stop rapid increases in
autism-spectrum disorders. The same applies during entire
pregnancy and afterward wen a new mom might take an infant to bed
with her. Also re placement of monitors in or close to babies' cribs!

It would be "criminal" to attempt pictures combining moment of
ovulation and/or "attempt to successfully ovulate" while a woman is
in close proximity to an electric appliance and most likely also a
cell phone while "on." But, if such a study could be done, I
strongly believe a lot of questions would be answered.

Thanks again and take care - Joanne

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