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Apr 29, 2008, 5:07:58 AM4/29/08
FYI, The National Election Data Archive publicly posted comments which
were submitted today to the US Election Assistance Commission
regarding the EAC's upcoming "Voting Systems Risk Assessment" project.

These comments try to explain why the current risk management approach
of federal voting machine standards, testing, certification falls
short; and introduces another risk assessment and risk management
approach which is necessary as well, if we are to secure our election
information and thereby ensure that election outcomes are correctly
decided by voters. This new mathematical and procedural approach to
election information risk management ties in perfectly with the
E.A.C.'s project goals and is available to apply immediately with most
current voting systems.

If you or any group you know of are planning to submit a bid to be
awarded the contract for this "Voting Systems Risk Assessment" I would
be interested in participating with your group's project in some small
way in order to help develop mathematical tools and procedures to
assess and reduce the security risk to election information.

The deadline for comments on the "Voting System Risk Management"
project was today. May 5th is the upcoming deadline for the public to
comment on the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG)

Thank you.


Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author
Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a
Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in
exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

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