Were the Super Tuesday Presidential Primary Vote Counts Accurate?

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Feb 15, 2008, 5:39:23 AM2/15/08
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Discrepancies between exit polls and vote counts in the February 5th,
2008 "Super Tuesday" U.S. presidential primary election are consistent
with vote miscount favoring Hillary Clinton at the expense of Barack
Obama and are consistent with vote miscount favoring John McCain at
the expense of Mitt Romney.

States with the least likely (most suspicious) election results given
their exit polls are Massachusetts and New Jersey in the Democratic
primary, and Massachusetts and New York in the Republican primary.
Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York did not conduct any
post-election manual audits to check the accuracy of their machine
vote counts which were performed by private companies using trade
secret software. Massachusetts and New Jersey machine vote counts
could be tampered with state-wide via a single program. New Jersey's
e-ballot voting machines are not auditable. New York's mechanical
lever machines are error prone, can be tampered with one at a time,
and are not auditable.

The National Election Data Archive's statistical report "Were the
Super Tuesday Presidential Primary Vote Counts Accurate?" makes eight
urgent recommendations for U.S. elections.

Read the entire report here:

Not one U.S. State currently uses all the fundamental measures that
are required to ensure accurate elections – paper ballots,
post-election manual audits, verifiable ballot security, ballot and
voter reconciliation, and public access to election records.

Please take a few minutes to help ensure the integrity and accuracy of
U.S. elections by contacting the US House Administration Cmte and your
US Representative and ask them to pass HR5036, "The Emergency
Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008".

The bill text, a summary, and related materials can be found at:

The League of Women Voters, US President Wilson has said of HR5036
that "Title I of this bill, which provides funding for jurisdictions
that want to purchase and use paper ballots in the 2008 election,is
consistent with LWVUS positions" and "the auditing provisions of HR
5036 - Section 3 of the bill would be consistent with the position
adopted at LWVUS Convention 2006".

The Members of the US House Administration Committee
Chairs: Robert A Brady (Dem PA 1st) 202 225-4731
Vernon Ehlers (Rep MI 3rd) 202 225-3831
Members: Zoe Lofgren (Dem CA 16th) 202 225-3072
Michael Capuano (Dem-MA 8th) 202 225-5111
Charles Gonzalez (Dem-TX 20th) 202 225-3236
Susan Davis (Dem-CA-53rd) 202 225-2040
Arthur Davis (Dem AL 7th) 202 225-2665
Kevin McCarthy (Rep CA 22nd) 202 225-295
Dan Lungren (Rep CA 3rd) 202 225-5716

US Representatives' Contact Information http://www.house.gov

We really need your financial support to continue this important work.
Please donate:

Thank you.

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