100,000 Letters Sent to Oppose Bailout Legislation

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Sep 24, 2008, 1:16:24 PM9/24/08
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A country held hostage - Resistance Grows to Banker's Coup D'etat
More than 100,000 letters sent through VoteNoBailout.org to Congress

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A grassroots movement of resistance is sweeping the country. More than 100,000 people have used the VoteNoBailout.org website to send a letter to Congress telling them to vote "No" to the bailout legislation.

Tell all of your friends to send a letter to elected officials through VoteNoBailout.org.

The Bush administration and the richest bankers in the country, with support of some of the top leaders in Congress, have put a gun to our head: give us your money, or we will sink your economy. Yesterday, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, threatened the Senate if they failed to pass the $700 billion plan, they would be responsible for causing recession, more joblessness, and pushing more homes into foreclosure.

The bailout package takes our money and gives it to the same bankers and executives who drove the economy into the ground. The pay for chief executives of large U.S. companies is now at 275 times that of the average worker's salary in 2007. It was 25 times greater in 1965. The same bankers who will be given our hard-earned tax dollars refuse to support even the bailout of their own institutions if their obscene salaries are even slightly compromised. "We support the bill, but we are opposed to provisions on executive pay... It is not appropriate for government to be setting the salaries of executives," said Scott Talbot, executive for Financial Services Roundtable, a group representing the bankers.

Below is a press release sent out by VoteNoBailout.org. Please send it to your local media and make sure they cover the growing resistance to the proposed bailout legislation.

100,000 letters sent to elected officials in 24 hours opposing bailout legislation

VoteNoBailout.org was launched on September 22, 2008, in response to the Bush Administration’s attempt to rush Bailout legislation through Congress.

In an astonishing response to its appeal, more than 100,000 letters were sent to elected officials within the first 24 hours through the VoteNoBailout.org email advocacy mechanism. People are circulating this appeal all over the internet on web sites, blogs and between individuals.

A sample of the VoteNoBailout.org letter reads:

“Congress has no right to give the White House and its Secretary of the Treasury the power to transfer the people's money to the richest bankers in the country. Vote No to the Bailout legislation. The Bailout legislation is being rammed through Congress in a matter of days.

“This is an illegal power grab by the White House and their richest friends on Wall Street. The Legislation allows the Treasury Department to appoint the same bankers who created the crisis to administer and dictate the use of trillions of our tax dollars. It is also one of the biggest transfers of wealth from working families to the ultra-rich in the history of the United States.

“Congress should help families stay in their homes. Wealthy executives should be forced to disgorge their obscene profits, fees and bonuses that made them ultra-rich while they ran the economy into the ground.”

VoteNoBailout.org was initiated as a project of ImpeachBush.org. There will be daily updates for the media about the number of people who have sent letters to Congress opposing this unprecedented handover of the people’s money to the richest bankers and the assumptions of vast, new powers by the Executive Branch of government.

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